I was once told that each person in the world has someone they're meant to spend forever with. But I don't believe in forever...until I actually met mine. I used to think forever was over rated. That it was dumb. That it didn't exist. He changed my mind. I thought that no one would love me.


14. chapter 14

Kyles POV

Hearing those words come out of Megan's mouth tore me apart inside. I wanted to lash out on everyone. I had this rage like a fire that couldn't be put out. I had ditched school and walked around.

I ended up in an alley, I don't know but I did. I was coming up and this boy came out from the side of a dumpster. He tried stopping me and I pushed him away.

He called out to me but I kept walking until someone turned me around and punched me right in the face. I spat blood onto the ground and swore.

I looked up at the boy and he laughed at two other guys who appeared. They laughed also and I stood up.

"Ohh you poor thing, you shouldn't be in the alley if you can't protect yourself. If you had a girl I bet you wouldn't be able to protect her." I punched his smug face and his friends came at me.

I dodged one and kicked one in the stomach. I turned around and the other came charging at me, running into trash cans. I punched the one I kicked and threw him into the other friend. I picked up the boy who taunted me by his collar and spat in his face.

"You look like you can't protect yourself either, thanks for being my punch bag." I punched him one more time and he fell backward onto the ground.

I looked at my knuckles and they were bleeding. I walked back out onto the street not knowing where to go.

Megan's POV

When I picked up Tori she asked where Kyle was and I told her not to look for him anymore because he wouldn't be coming back anymore. She had frowned but soon moved on as I got her ice cream.

When we got home, she went to play with her toys and I went to my room. I sat on my floor leaning my back against my bed. I pulled my knees up to my chest and hugged them.

My heart was breaking. With every thought I had of Kyle another piece broke. With everything i saw that reminded me of him, another would break. If my heart was a puzzle, I would have lost too much that it could never be put back together again.

I looked at myself in my mirror and whispered "You fool, you're crying over a boy you barely even know. You'll soon move on won't you? You're used to pain and disappointment, whys this any different?"

Because I thought that I would actually get my forever.

I cried and cried and cried until I had fallen asleep.

Kyles POV

I was walking senselessly until I had heard a car horn, waking me up. I looked up and realized I was in a neighborhood. I had realized where I was.

I walked around the corner and saw the house. I saw Megan's house. It looked the same as ever but felt as if I've never seen it in a long time. I felt like I had to stare at it because once I took my eyes off it, it would disappear like Megan in my life.

I stared at the door, hoping for someone to come out. Then I looked at her window, hoping to catch a glimpse of her. Just a glimpse and I would go. Just a glimpse and I believed I'd feel better just seeing her smiling face. When I was about to give up and head home I saw her.

She stood up and rubbed her eyes like she just woken up. She came over to the window and sat down by it, staring out of it. She rested her head on her hand and just stared. Her eyes had looked red like she'd been crying but all I could think about was that I could see her.

I know I just saw her that day but this time she wasn't pushing me away. I smiled sadly thinking this would be our last time. Her eyes then slowly moved down to the street to where I was.

I was going to hide but it was too late. She saw me and just stared. We stared at each other which felt like forever but I knew it was probably only a few seconds. She smiled and I smiled back. Then she slowly frowned and she turned and i swear I saw the slightest tear fall.

She turned back and slowly closed her curtains. I stepped forward wanting to tell her to stop, to not shut my out. But I knew that it wouldn't change and thing so I headed slowly back home. I had felt like I was missing something and I wanted it back. I just didn't know how to eat Megan back in my life.

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