I was once told that each person in the world has someone they're meant to spend forever with. But I don't believe in forever...until I actually met mine. I used to think forever was over rated. That it was dumb. That it didn't exist. He changed my mind. I thought that no one would love me.


13. chapter 13

I rounded the corner to the cafe and Kyle ran out looking left and right. He finally saw me and ran up to me. He stopped in front of me and I walked to the side of him. He was shocked and grabbed my hand and turned me around.

"Meg how could you do that? How could you just throw me to the side like that? You acted as if I meant nothing to you..did this relationship me and you had mean nothing to you..?"

I looked up at him and he had this pleading look that if he were to ask me to run away with him, I wouldn't even think about it and agree right away.

I pushed his hand off and said "I'm sorry Kyle but this whole thing is way bigger than it seems."

He sighed and said "Then let me in Megan. Please, I just wanna help you."

I looked down trying to not cry and said "Then help me by staying away from me. Don't pick me up from my house. Don't walk with me to my classes. Don't sit with me at lunch. Don't even text me anymore. And don't ever come see Tori again. Let's just act like strangers to each other." I tried to keep my voice from shaking but I wasn't sure if it worked.

He held my chin so I was looking at him.

"Do you really want that Megan?" He said it so softly that it broke my heart with each word and the way his face shown that the next sentence I said could either break him or make him the happiest person in the world.

"It's for the best kyle. I mean who were we fooling? I will always be the bitch of the school and that's okay." As long as I protect Tori then I'm doing the right thing.

I turned around and heard him scream and punch one of the lockers. I wanted to turn around and run to him. And tell him how I really felt and what was really going on. But for Tori I kept on walking and tried to not flinch. I walked past the cafeteria and into the bathroom.

I went into a stall and cried my eyes out until the bell rang. I fixed myself up and walked out confident. I didn't see Kyle at all the rest of the day.

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