I was once told that each person in the world has someone they're meant to spend forever with. But I don't believe in forever...until I actually met mine. I used to think forever was over rated. That it was dumb. That it didn't exist. He changed my mind. I thought that no one would love me.


11. chapter 11

So throughout that week, I was trying my best to show the school that I'm a better person then they actually think. I was be nice in class, answering questions. Helping the teachers and students. I held the door open students and teachers.

And it still wasn't enough. Students would still duck and cower whenever they saw me. Kyle was helping also by telling people good things about me but not ever mentioning my family. He had also been dropping me and tori off to school everyday since then.

One day at lunch as I was eating, Lily came over and said "I heard that you've been a good little girl this week. You trying prove something Megan?" She snickered and her friends laughed.

I balled my fists and Haley put her hand on it. I looked at her and she took a deep breath, indicating that I should to.

I did and looked back at Lily. "Yes I am, I'm showing the school who I really am."

"What's that? Aren't you just the schools mean girl? The bitch of the school?"

"No I'm not, I'm more than that. That's just a front for who I really am."

"Who are you really then Megan? Everyone listen! Megan's gonna tell us a little story!" She crossed her arms and smirked.

Everyone's eyes all turned to me and my hands started to sweat.

"Well know..."

"Sorry what? I can't hear you honey." She laughed.

I fumbled with my hands and Lily said "You ain't so're just a.."

"A really nice girl. She's sweet and kind and cares a lot for people. She's just misunderstood. She stands up for the week and it's just a front. I think it's just hard for her to let people in and I think she thinks it's easier to be tough and not have so many people care about her. I've seen the real her and I hope you guys can too. I hope you guys can at least try and see her for who she is." I stood there while I took in Kyles words.

They were so true. He knew me very well for someone who I didn't hang out with all that much. Lily looked shocked but regained her confident posture again.

"Are you lying Kyle? You really think this disgusting piece of trash can be nice? I don't see any proof."

He stood next to me and said "I have, she has this little sister."

"Shut up Kyle."

"And she's super caring for her. She's practically raised her on her own."

Lily said "Ohh yes the little brat." Haley stood up and said "Meg don't. Just let it go."

I was really mad now. She called Tori a brat.

"How dare you talk about her like that. You don't even know her. You don't know what's going on with her or me. I don't care if you be mean to me and talk shit about me but never ever mention my little sister again. Don't ever talk about her like that. She's a sweet little girl who is trying so hard to have a normal life."

Kyle looked at me. "What do you mean Meg?"

Lily said "And whys that Megan? Is it because she has a certain problem?"

I pushed Kyle out of the way and walked over to Lily. I whispered "Do you know?" She nodded and said "My step sister is her doctor. And while I was visiting her one day I saw you and her and your mom. I heard my sister talking to you guys."

She looked at Kyle and said "Do you know what she's talking about? Because if you don't then this is going to be so much fun."

Kyle looked at me and I turned away. I pulled Lily so she was facing me and said "Please don't say it. I'll do anything."

"Really? Even staying away from Kyle?"

I looked at him and he softly said "No Megan don't."

I nodded "Even staying away from Kyle. Just please don't say it to anyone."

She smiled and said "Deal. Nice talking with you."

She left the cafe and everyone was looking at me at what I was about to do.

Kyle walked over to me and held my arms. He said "Are you really going to stay away from me?" I didn't answer and he shook me a little bit. "Megan answer me!" He raised his voice a little bit. I looked him in the eyes.

"I did what I had to do. I'm sorry Kyle."

"What about our deal? I still have to help you."

I shook my head and said "I'll call it off, I'll figure it out on my own."

I shrugged him off and saw his shoulders sag. I left the cafe and went to look for someone that I had to talk to.

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