Who the hell is Luke Hemmings?

Im a normal girl, going to school with some friends. but one day we had a new kid and it was all have you seen Luke Hemmings or Luke Hemmings is so hot and i ended up being his new school buddy or whatever.


7. 7.

i was sitting in my last class listening to the teacher bore on and on about the industrial revolution. the bell rang and i ran out of the class before going to my locker. i grabbed some of my things and turned around walking out to the car and getting in. i heard the passenger side open and i turned my head and saw Luke sit down beside me. 


"Hi" i said turning on the car and pulling out of the car park and driving back to my house. it was silent on the three and a half minute drive. pulling into the driveway and getting out of the car before walking into the house. silence. once again i was home alone. watching Luke walk in the house i turned around when he looked at me and went to the kitchen and grabbed some food before walking upstairs into my room. 



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