Who the hell is Luke Hemmings?

Im a normal girl, going to school with some friends. but one day we had a new kid and it was all have you seen Luke Hemmings or Luke Hemmings is so hot and i ended up being his new school buddy or whatever.


4. 4.


so Luke and i were sitting on the couch just watching some TV and eating ice cream. neither one of us has spoken since we got back but it wasnt uncomfortable. well at least for me anyway. 


i heard a key go into the front door and it opened to reveal my mom there. she normally doesn't get home until late but she doesn't really care who i bring home. "Violet I'm home" she yelled and i smiled. 


"Right here mom" i said back and she looked at me and smiled. i haven't seen my mum in i think three days. considering they are lawyers they are never home, and when they are they're working so i don't bother them much. 


"Who is this?" she asked walking up to behind me and Luke got up putting out his hand. 


"I'm Luke. the new kid at school and so far Violet is my only friend" he splurged out like he was sort of scared making me laugh a little. 


"Well ill be in my office if you need anything" she said walking straight down the hall and into her office. 


"Come on, well go to my room" i said standing up and walking up two flights of stairs to the attic. (A/N: sorry i changed where my room location is!) 


we both walked into my white room that was the entire size of the house, considering it was the attic. the bed was on the far side, slightly lofted with a TV and couch in the front corner and everywhere else was things like my desk and vanity and make up and clothes etc. i went straight in and sat on the couch and turned on my TV. 


"Wow. you live in the attic" he said looking around still trying to get everything in. 


i just nodded at him in response slightly smiling. "I love your room. why is it so clean?" he asked oddly before coming at sitting down. 


"I have OCD so i don't really like mess. everything has a spot in here" i said pulling my legs up onto the couch. i turned of the TV and Luked looked at me. "Tell me about yourself?" i said adjusting my position so i was facing him. 


L- well i just moved back here to Sydney, I'm actually a year older than you but because i was away for a year, they made me repeat it. I'm in a band with three other guys, i recently broke up with my ex-girlfriend, we just released a new single recently called Amnesia, but other than that, theres nothing much else to know about me. 


Me- well ill have to meet your band mates. but as for me, i obviously live here with my mum and dad but they normally are always working. i was dating Troy but i don't know if we are anymore, i recently moved here from Brisbane because of my parents work, I'm not really a people person, i prefer to read rather than go out to major parties, i hate crowds, i love fish. i don't know why but i just love having one in my room because they are pretty. I'm only 17 and i have no idea what i want to do next year but yeah. 


L- well i have band practice in like ten minutes if you wanted to come 


i looked at him as he looked at his phone and i nodded. we got up and walked downstairs "MOM IM GOING OUT" i yelled before walking out the door. 


"BE BACK BEFORE ELEVEN" she yelled back. i know she trusted me and I'm never late home so there normally isn't any point to yell that out. we started walking down the street and turned a small corner before reaching a large house. nearly bigger than mine. 


"So this is my place. we all meet in the basement for some practice and yeah" he said opening the door and walking down to the basement. we stood in the doorway and there were 3 teenage boys standing in the room with instruments. i noticed someone that i new standing in the corner and my smile widened as i ran up and jumped into his arms wrapping my legs around him and of course he caught me. 


"So im guessing you know Ashton?" Luke just said and he put me down but still hugged me. 


"What are you doing here Vi" he asked looking at me. 


"Luke was going to introduce me. i met him at school today" i said looking at my best friend from birth. 


"So how do you two know each other?" Luke asked and i turned around. 


"Um well our mums are best friends and i have grown up with Ashton. he's like a big brother really" i said looking at Luke and he just nodded. 


"Well thats Callum and Michael anyway" he said pointing and i smiled at both of them. they all sat down on the couch and i sat on Ashton as per normal like i used to and leaned on the arm of the couch looking at Luke. 


we started having general conversations and the boys were all saying Lukes embarrassing moments making me laugh a little and sometimes a lot. i occasionally noticed he would sometimes look at me and when i looked at him he looked away. i told a story about Ashton meeting this girl at the beach in the water and then a massive wave came in and knocked him over and he went to grab her for support but he just ended up pulling down hr top and then she slapped him and came pouting back to me and all three of the other boys were in a fit of laughter and Ashton just pushed me off his lap making me hit the floor hard and i frowned at him. 


Luke stood up and put his hand out and i grabbed it and pulled myself up. "Thanks" i said letting his hand go and checking my phone. 10.34 was the time. "I should probably go" i said turning around and walking over and kissed Ashtons cheek and walked up the stairs. i could hear someone following me but i kept walking. 


i got to the front door and before i could open it another hand was on the doorhandle and i turned and looked to see Luke standing there. "Its nearly 11 and i normally go home before then" i said and he just nodded and opened the door. 


it was completely black outside except for the moonshine "I'll walk you home" he said stepping outside and i followed him pulling the door closed behind me. we started to walk back towards my house, we stopped half way and i looked at Luke. 


he pulled me in and kissed me again. i hesitated for a bit but then i put my hands on his chest and elevated on my toes to be able to kiss him better. i pulled away "Should we be doing this?" i asked looking at him before playing with his shirt. 


"Take a chance" he said putting his hand on my chin and lifting it and kissing me again. there was so much passion and it was like he really meant it. i got shivers and goosebumps but it was good. 


i pulled away and started walking again. he raced after me and started to walk beside me. "Did i do something?" he asked me and i shook my head. 


"No i just need to get home" i said stopping outside my house and walking towards the front door. "Today has been a long day" i said turning around, looking at him. he nodded and shoved his hands into his pockets. 


i pecked his cheek and opened my door before walking inside and closing the door. i walked over to the window and peeked outside to see him walking away looking at the ground. i turned around and walked up two flights of stairs and plonked down on my bed. i breathed out and smiled. he notices me. he actually notices about me, the whole your actually really smart but you don't want to show it and i hate the people i hang around but he knew that. 


i stood up and walked over to my bathroom and started to run a bath and stood in it before sitting down and relaxing. someone just came through the door and i freaked a bit and made sure the bubbles were covering everything. "LUKE HEMMINGS?" i saw Ashton standing there looking at me. "Out of all the people you could choose, you chose Luke Hemmings" he looked upset. 


"Whats wrong with that?" i mumbled playing in the bath water. 


"Vi you know that i liked you for a period of time and even after the amount of time you have known me you still wouldn't take a chance but meeting this guy for one day and you are already kissing him? i had so much more expectation for you" he was so hurt. 


"Ash, i didnt want to ruin our friendship and i don't like you the way you do. but Luke noticed" i didnt want to hurt him, he was my best friend. he turned around and walked out the door. "ASH don't go" i said and i heard my bedroom door. i stood up and wrapped my towel around me and ran downstairs to meet him at the door. it was wide open and Luke was standing there and Ash was at the door and i was in a towel. 


"Luke" i said looking at him and then Ash. "What are you doing here" i asked walking up to the door. 


"I don't know why" he said looking down and putting his hands in his pockets. 


"Well isn't it a bit late" Ash said and i hit him. 


"Ash would you stop being so dramatic" i said looking at him. "You know what Ash, just leave" i said looking down and he looked at me and walked out the door. i watched Luke walk in and i tightened my grip on my towel before closing the door and walking upstairs i heard the following foot steps and i got into my room and turned around. 


"um wait here" i said and closed the door before changing into my calvins and pulling on some trackies and opening the door. then i turned around and went through my closet to try and find a top to pull on. 


"Uh why can i not find a shirt" i said before i started throwing my clothes around. i felt a tear fall from my eye and i wiped it away before stopping what i was doing. i just kicked Ash out. i have never kicked him out. he's always here, he's my best friend. i sat down in the middle of my closet floor and played with one of my tops that i threw on the ground. 


i felt a presence but i didnt move. i felt someone move in and i felt legs go around me and then arms and i was pulled into someones chest and i just relaxed. the smell was so good i turned my head to face his chest. i could tell it was Luke and it made me smile a little. i could feel myself relax in his arms. 

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