Who the hell is Luke Hemmings?

Im a normal girl, going to school with some friends. but one day we had a new kid and it was all have you seen Luke Hemmings or Luke Hemmings is so hot and i ended up being his new school buddy or whatever.


2. 2.


i watched him as he walked up to me and towered over me creating me to step back. "I'm Luke" he said putting his hand out and i walked past him to the counter and leaning over. 


"Whats going on?" i asked looking at the usual lady who normally asks me to bring the new people around. 


"Hes Luke, the new kid and your getting him to fit in considering you have all your classes together" she said and i sighed out before turning around and walking up to him and then shaking his hand. 


"Violet" i said before starting to walk off in the direction of my first class. we got there and i walking in and sat down in my normal seat in the back row. the teacher introduced Luke and he came and sat beside me. i opened my book and grabbed my pen while starting to copy down what was on the board. my hair fell down the side of my face but it was short so it didnt bother me. 


i felt a hand on my face and my hair was pushed back and put behind my ear and i looked and saw Luke beside me. staring at me. i pulled my hair back out and looked away before continuing to do the class work. every know and the i could feel him turn and look at me. the bell went for second period and i ran out of class before going to my next one and walking in to sit down. 


the process happened again. he was introduced and she got him to sit down but before he could even put his books down, Troy came and sat beside me and leaned over smacking his face on mine. i leaned back and he let go before smiling and sitting up opening his books. i slightly moved my eyes and saw Luke a bit disappointed before sitting down in front of me. 


"Who's the new kid?" Troy asked and i looked at my books. 

"Luke" i muttered and he nodded before i started learning. i wrote everything down even though i thought it was a waist of time cause i knew it all. but i didnt want people to know that i was smart and new everything. Troy makes fun of people who know everything. 


the bell rang again and i walked out of the class, throwing my books in my locker and then t the middle of the cafeteria and sitting down. my friends all came. well i only really had one friend out of the seventeen of them but if there was a party, i would be on the invite list. my best friend Mimi sat beside me and we just sat there listening to everyone. i saw Luke was into the cafeteria and he looked so lost i felt kind of bad. 


i felt someone sit beside me and just as Luke saw me a hand was on my cheek and it was turned before i felt a pair of lips on mine. i was used to this. his hands went around my waist and he pulled me in and cupped my face really hard. it kind of hurt a little bit. his hand slid down my face and landed on my chest before moving in my jacket and then my top and he was about to put his hand on my boob before i pulled away and grabbed his hand. 


"We are in the middle of the cafeteria" i said looking around and he grinned. 

"Good then everyone will see that your mine" he said before trying to lean in again but i leaned back and moved his hand. "Jesus when will you just let me in. just loosen up a bit. have some fun" he said and tried to kiss me again. 


"No" i said before getting up and walking out. 


"Your nothing without me" he said and i ran out straight past Luke and towards the girls bathrooms. i closed the door and just looked around. why am i running away? i opened the door to see Luke standing there. i frowned and the bell went. good next class, math which was a plus cause i don't mind it. and the teacher makes the class at least somewhat fun. 


i walked past him before going to my locker and grabbing my books and when i closed it i turned around and Luke was standing right there. "Don't let him treat you like that" he said before he stepped in super close. i looked up and we were inches away and i moved and ran off to class. 


i walked in and sat down in my seat beside my best friend and listened to the teacher the entire time. why was this getting to me? why was Luke always there? why do i feel like i should hate him? 


the rest of the day went by and the final bell for school went. i walked over to my locker and grabbed my books that i needed for homework and assignments and stuff and then walked out to my car and getting in. i started it and drove as fast as i could out of the school and went home. 


i got home and walked inside the house and like every other day, my parents weren't home. i walked down the hall to the second biggest bedroom of the house which was my room and threw my books on my desk and fell onto my bed. starring at my white ceiling, i realised i should probably do my homework. 


pacing over to my desk i heard the doorbell. i groaned and rolled my eyes before running to the front door and opening it. Troy was standing there and as soon as the door opened he stepped in closed the door and slammed his lips on mine. i was surprised until he started walking and pushing me back but not letting his lips leave mine. 


i pulled away and walked into the kitchen before opening the fridge. "Do you want something to eat?" i asked looking at him. its not that i didnt want to sleep with him, its just i don't know if i wanted him to be my first. yes I'm nearly eighteen and I'm still a virgin but i haven't found someone. i haven't dated anyone apart from Troy and i just don't know if i feel right with him. 


"i can think of one thing" i heard him mumble before he closed the fridge door and pushed me against it. 


"Troy you know i need to do my homework and study so i can pass so i can graduate this year" i said moving my head as he kissed my neck. 


"Well lets study" he said walking off to my room and i followed him. he fell onto my bed and grabbed my hand pulling me down. he flipped over so he was on top of me and started kissing me before his hand slid slightly up my shirt. i knew what he was trying to do but i don't know if i wanted to do it. 

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