Who the hell is Luke Hemmings?

Im a normal girl, going to school with some friends. but one day we had a new kid and it was all have you seen Luke Hemmings or Luke Hemmings is so hot and i ended up being his new school buddy or whatever.


1. 1.

my name is Violet (and that is her in the cover image - naturally) and i am 5 foot 4 and a straight a student but i try and not show it. i have a large circle of friends and i am currently dating the football captain which is pretty cool because now everybody knows who i am. 


i also love to wear my leather boots with tennis skirts or skinny jeans with boots normally. but right now i was driving my black Hyundai accent to school and parking in my normal spot before walking in the front doors and walking straight to my locker. when i closed my door and started to turn around my boyfriend, Troy, captain of the football team cupped my face pushing my against the locker and slamming his lips on mine. i put my hand on his wrist and slightly moved my head so he stopped. 


i looked at him "Well good morning" i said and he smiled and kissed me again. i moved my body closer to his as i got more into the kiss until 


'Violet Martin to the office please" over the school speakers and i moved my head and kissed his cheek before running a bit and walking into the office. 


there was muttering everywhere "Wow Luke Hemmings is so hot. Have you seen Luke Hemmings?" is what everyone is saying and as i walked into the office and saying "I was called here" a blond kid with a lip piercing pretty tall turned around and looked at me. 

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