Now and Then.

Now and Then focuses on Adina, a young and heartbroken girl, both during her loving relationship and after her heartbreak with her first love.


3. Then

“I dono, Taylor. I just want to get some action…” I muttered, tossing my blonde hair over my shoulder. The two of us were sitting on the schools’ stage during a Drama lesson – supposed to be practicing some Children Theatre piece. Taylor smirked back at me as she tugged her own brown hair into a braid. In the short time of our friendship, I had realised two things. One: Taylor would never have one simple hairstyle for the entire school day. Two: Taylor loved the idea of a ‘virgin Mary’ like me doing something with a guy. Little did she know.

“Like what?” Taylor wondered, her matching brown eyes sparkled with curiosity. I bit my lip in thought. I suppose I didn’t really know what I wanted, I just knew that other girls spoke about doing things with guys and I wanted to be one of those girls. Not so that I could tell everyone what experiences I had, but because I wanted to know what it felt like. I’d seen it in movies and read it in books, the complete and utter romance that took your breath away. If I could only have it physically, I didn’t mind. I just wanted something.

“Like…sitting on someone’s face or something” I joked. Taylor’s eyes went wide but her smirk grew. I knew even with her attitude towards the sexual stuff that she hadn’t done much in the way of the bedroom, but she sure acted like she had.

“You can sit on my face” a deep voice offered. Taylor and I swirled around to see him behind us. That dark brown hair hung over his matching brown eyes ever so slightly, and his green uniform hung limp around him as it was obviously too large. I had completely forgotten he was there, and by the look on Taylor’s face, she had too. For the past few weeks of Drama class, both Taylor and I had taunted him. We had sat one on each side of him in class, running our hands along his legs and giving ourselves fits of giggles when his face had turned red. I hadn’t really seen him in much of a ‘first sexual experience’ way, but after he said that, I started too. Not only that, but he began to blow me away in the way of his personality that I had never noticed before. The way he smiled began to make my stomach swirl, even when it wasn’t at me. Taylor and I had always taunted him together, but after I began to see him differently, I hated when she flirted with him. In my mind, he was mine. I wanted him. And I could see it sometimes that he wanted me too. Eventually, I came clean to Taylor, explaining my true feelings. She had given me that knowing smile, and then encouraged me to pursue it. To pursue him. I was unsure at first, and I suppose I feared not rejection, but acceptance from him. What if he did accept me? What if he wanted me as much as I was beginning to want him? I couldn’t see it ending well. When I finally accepted the idea of pursuing him, Taylor changed her mind.

“You can’t date him,” she told me one day on our way to Economics class. “He’s the funny fat guy” I had to bite my lip to avoid snapping at her. How dare she say that about him? Sure, he was the funny male in the grade, the one people looked to for entertainment. And I supposed even though he had shed some weight since last term that he could lose some more. But it didn’t bother me. My attraction to him had been an emotional attraction, and then grown to be a physical one. The more attractive his personality was, the more attractive I saw him. Taylor’s change of mind, and her comment, was what pushed me closer to being honest with him and explain how I truly felt. That every time we flirted and touched in a jokey manner, it actually meant more to me than I led on. However, I was still nervous about it. He and I had grown to have a strong friendship, and sometimes I confided in him more than I confided in Taylor. I didn’t want to lose that like I had with the short-term relationships I had been in the year before. It wasn’t until one lunch break that I knew I had to tell him.

“What is that?” I crinkled my nose at the sight of what was on his knee. We had been sitting next to each other, and his knees were drawn up to his chest as we spoke quietly to one another. Taylor was sitting on a bench speaking to someone else in that flirty tone of hers. He peered at me strangely, and then to the lump on his knee. His cheeks burned red, and I couldn’t help the girlish smile that was threatening my lips.

“A wart” he grimaced. A fit of giggles hit me,

“So gross…you can dry it out with vinegar you know” I told him, a trick my Grandmother had taught me. Although, she had always thought vinegar was the solution for everything. The next day, before class, I peered at the empty space on his knee and looked up at him in surprise.

“Where is it?” I asked. I didn’t have to specify what I was asking about, because by the knowing look on his face, he had been wanting me to ask.

“I ripped it off” he replied, slightly nervous. My mouth dropped open and I shook my head. That had to be the most disgusting, and romantic thing anyone had ever done for me. That was the moment I realised that I was truly falling for a boy for the first time. And I was falling hard. 

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