Harry potter truth or dare extreme

Hi my name is Lola I went to the harry potter studios in London and noticed that there was a few of the harry potter character there and chose to capture them and play a game of thruth or dare


10. The Round were we find out who drank Voldemort/ Author's note 3

I go back down to the basement after who knows how many days i as disappointed that no one commented but an I was going down the stairs my owl snow dropped a letter in front of me I ran all the way to the basement and kicked the door open " we finally have some dares," Everyone groaned "do we have to?" everyone asked "yes, Yes you have to!" I looked at the letter oh this is going to be good I said to myself "voldy put on a bikini for the rest of the round!" "what????????????????" "I am not doing that!" " oh yes, you are!" I grabbed my wand and made a bikini appear "here you go voldy now put it on" "no way i am putting on a sparkly pink bikini!" "fine then I will have to do this the hard way" I made the bikini chase voldy all around the basement everyone was laughing their head off. He finally put on the bikini and trusts me you do not want to see how he looked like after he put on the bikini. I whispered Lavander's dare into Lavender's ear and she ran toward Ron and grabbed him by the next and forced hi head down to kiss him. Hermione ran up to her and punched her right in the face "HOW DARE YOU KISS MY BOYFRIEND!!!!!!!!" "I DARE," Lavender said back. They kept on fighting Ron trying to separate them "FIGHT, FIGHT!!!!" we all said.  "oh and I forgot to tell you guys who drank Voldemort! It was Harry Potter the boy who lived!!" Everyone turned around in lavender and hermione to look at harry. "well i a off." 


Author's note

sorry that I wasn't able to update I was at New York

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