Beneath the Skylights

Sabrina laid back in a pillow of grass, staring at the sky.

"They are like little lights," she said, while gesturing to the stars.

"No," the boy sitting next to her answered. "They are skylights, and they were made just for you."

They both smiled.


1. * 1 *

Sabrina knelt next to her school's fountain. She was laughing at her reflection.

I look ridiculous.

Sabrina wore her hair in two blonde pigtails. Before she left, her mom clipped a flower at the base of each one. She didn't bother to take them out.

"Hey, Sabby," a voice said behind her.

"Shut it, Chase. I hate it when you call me that." Sabrina chuckled, spun around, and hit his shoulder.

Chase grinned and grabbed one of her ponytails. He tore off the flower clip. "What's this?" he said, shoving it in her face. There were still golden strands hanging off it.

Sabrina slapped his hand away. "Ouch! I'm going to murder you someday," she said.

"Good luck with that," Chase retorted. "See you in class!" He sprinted towards the school.

"Watch you back, lemon-breath!"

And then he was gone.

Sabrina freed the second clip from her hair and threw it in the trash.

The other one was still clutched in Chase's hand.

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