On a rainy summer vacation, Selene Cross Clandestine and her family are house boating along beautiful alaskan beaches. About three days in though, something catches her eye: A tall, dark figure moving in between the trees. What is it? Or who is it... After a few days of strange occurrences she begins to wonder... are vampires real?


1. The sighting

"Selene! Wake up!" 

Ugh. Were on vacation for goodness sakes. I pulled strands of my dark brown hair out of my mouth as I rolled over. 

"Come down for breakfast!" My mother yelled from the main floor of the houseboat. 

"Coming," I grumbled. 

I slid out of the bed and walked over to the mirror to see what I was dealing with. I looked up and sighed. My long dark hair that went well with my vivid green eye's was all over the place. Instead of having a quick shower, I decided to just pull it up into a pony. 

I entered the kitchen as mom was poring fresh hot coffee into two cups. 

"Where's Dad and Jake?" I asked. 

It was eight in the morning and both of them were gone- which was odd. Jake, my older brother, had never been an early riser. 

"Oh, their out for a morning walk! It hasn't started to rain yet so they took the chance to get out of the boat," She said in a nonchalant tone, "It's supposed to rain all day again."

"A walk?" I asked, dumbfounded, "Since when do they go for walks together? In the morning?" 

"Oh I don't know Selene, will you please just eat?" My mother barked. 

Geez... touchy. Abandoning the questions, I happily sat down to eat. As I piled various fruits and pastries into my mouth, I looked out the window into the forest; it gave me chills every time. The fog was thick and ghostly, surrounding the thick trees looking as if it was suffocating them. 

"Honey, did you forget a brush?" My mother asked as she looked at me skeptically. 


She scoffed, "Your eighteen, almost nineteen. You need to make a habit of keeping yourself up. Were going to be running to the store before we head to the next beach."

"Are you-" I started, but stopped myself. Instead of starting a huge cat fight, I'll just leave. I needed some fresh air anyway, I've been cooped up in here for three days, "I'm going to get some air."

I abruptly sat up which caused some dishes to clang, and walked towards the door. I slipped on some flats and wrapped my silk robe around me tighter. The air was brisk but refreshing; the rocks crunched underneath me as I walked up towards the trees, wanting to see if I could spot some birds. 

I looked around and realized that in order to see a bird, I would have to hear one first; it was dead quiet. That's strange... Curiosity getting the better of me, I walked further into the bush. I brushed the damp leaves with my fingers and ran that hand through my hair, breathing deeply in and out. I closed my eyes and focused on all of the quiet sounds- the leaves rustling, the water churning back at the beach. This was my happy place. A smile formed on my face and I let out a sigh. 

My cold muscles clenched; a chill ran through my body as I felt the cold wind brush the back of my neck, my eyes fluttered open. The leaves were now still, and- wait. How were the leaves not moving? I can feel the wind- I turned around so fast I almost stumbled to the ground. 

No one. I saw no one in front of me. My breathing was heavy and my heart was racing. I swear someone had breathed down the back of my neck. 

"Hello?" I said, looking around the forest. 

What the heck was that? 

I walked a bit down the forest line, too afraid to venture any deeper. It had to be the wind... no human or animal could move that- "Aah!" I yelled. 

I had stepped on something. I looked down to see a wolf lying on the ground, looking as if it was sleeping. 

"Selene?" I heard my father's voice yell. 

"I'm over here..." I said. 

The wolf was so still. Was it dead? 

"Selene what in the world are you do- is that a wolf?!" 

"I think it's dead," I said, peering over it. 

It was dead. I saw a bit of blood on the animals neck, and what looked like to be... two teeth marks? 

"Are those two teeth marks?" I asked. 

Jake, who had come in behind my dad bent down to give it a closer look. My father's eyes widened in alarm. 

"Come on Selene, Jake, we should leave. It might not be safe up here," My dad said as he grabbed my arm and pulled me away. 

He didn't even have to grab my arm really, as I was practically running to the boat. So much for a nice, relaxing morning walk. 

"What happened? You all look like you've seen a ghost!" My mother exclaimed. 

"We just saw a dead wolf in the forest. It was just a bit startling," Jake explained. 

Just a bit? I was about ready to have a freaking heart attack. 

"Well, I'm going to head upstairs and get ready so we can go to the store and head out," I said. 

"Oh... okay," Mother replied, still startled and confused. 

I wanted to get out of here as fast as we could. I marched up the stairs into my small bathroom. I took my ponytail out and let my dark hair down. Knowing if I styled it, it would just end up damp, so I just put some curl gel in it. My hair was naturally wavy, so I decided to go for a beachy look today. I applied some light makeup and put on jeans. I looked outside to see that it was raining, and went for a dark green tight sweater. 

"Okay I'm ready, lets go mom," I said when I came down the stairs. 

After getting some groceries from the store, we prepared to head out. As dad and jake pulled the pins out from the beach, me and mom worked to clean up the kitchen. 

"Okay! Time to head out!" My dad yelled. 

With everything in order, the motor started and we began to move backwards. 

I sat down by the table and breathed. Everything will be okay... we are leaving this place.

Even though I tried to resist, my eyes slowly wondered to the window. I hesitated but looked back to where we found the wolf. Which was not there. 

"What the..." I mumbled. 

No one heard me and I didn't want to explain this, so I ran up to my room on the second floor to get a better view from my window. 

Yup. It was gone. The wolf, that was dead, was gone. I scanned the forest as we slowly crept further away. 

"How did you move..." 

My eyes were moving back and forth, trying to see something. Anything. 

And I did. My whole body stumbled back from the window. Did I just see... a human? In between the dark trees, I swear I saw a shadow moving. Without thinking twice, I ran up to the top deck outside. Despite the rain, I clung to the handle bars that was between me and the water below and leaned over as far as I could. The weather had made visibility worse, but I kept looking. 

That's when I saw it. I saw a dark silhouette standing still... and it was facing me. I blinked and rubbed my eyes to make sure I wasn't hallucinating. I opened my eyes again and trembled. It was still there. And it was watching me. 


// So this chapter is a little shorter then I would have liked but it's just how it ended up. Future chapters will be longer than this! I hope I have sparked your interest and hope you keep reading! Chapter 2 will be coming soon : ) // 



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