On a rainy summer vacation, Selene Cross Clandestine and her family are house boating along beautiful alaskan beaches. About three days in though, something catches her eye: A tall, dark figure moving in between the trees. What is it? Or who is it... After a few days of strange occurrences she begins to wonder... are vampires real?


2. First encounters

I woke up hot and sweaty. Another nightmare of that... thing. The silhouette. Staring at me. 

It was about two in the morning, and we were at a different beach. It took about a day to get here. I got up from my bed and grabbed my book from the nightstand. Not bothering to look at the cover, I just started reading to get my mind off of the nightmare. 

I stared because their faces, so different, so similar, were all devastatingly, inhumanly beautiful. They were faces you never expected to see except perhaps on the airbrushed pages of a fashion magazine. Or painted by an old master as the face of an angel.

Ah. Twilight. I had forgotten I was reading that. I read until about four, and finally fell asleep, only to see the shadow in my dreams again. 

"Selene? Wake up! Selene!" 

I slowly opened my heavy eyes to see my mother standing over me. 

"What time is it? I asked groggily. 

"It's almost lunch! I need you to grab kindling from the forest, your brother and father are out again."

"For another walk?"

"Yes, they said they are looking to see if their are any good places to fish," Mom said in a tone that suggested she could care less. 

Okay, now it's getting weird. At home my brother and father never went on long walks or adventures out in the woods, they barely even spoke to each other! Now in the past month they have suddenly grown close. 

"Yeah i'll get the kindling, just give me a minute to wake up," I said to my mother. 

I rolled off of the bed and put some warmer clothes on since it was yet again, raining. 

I put on my boots and trotted out of the boat. This beach was more sandy than usual; the boat was parked further back. So I had to jump in about a half a foot of water to get to the land. Awesome. 

"Wet socks. Great," I grumbled. 

I looked up and took in my surroundings. It was beautiful, like the last beach, but I glimpsed a small trail. The forest was still dark, but I felt more safe now that we've moved beaches. I walked over to the trail entrance and saw that it was grown in, but still walkable. I also heard the faint sound of water... there's probably a river back there somewhere. 

Picking up some sticks along the way, I ventured along the path. After about five minutes the sound of the river was clear. I turned around and saw a wide river; the water looked ice cold. I shivered. 

"Careful, wouldn't want to fall in."

I turned around on my heel and dropped my handful of kindling when I saw the man standing only one inch from my face. 

"Aaah!" I screamed and unconsciously moved back away from him. I had stepped unto a wet rock on the riverbed and felt my body fall back; I held my breath and feared the cold water that was to come. 

But it never came; a strong hand grabbed my back and as easily as picking up a feather, stopped me from falling backwards. 

After a few seconds I dared to open my eyes. I was looking into the brightest of blue eyes. The man had jet black hair and a ghostly pale face, but was extremely beautiful. Suddenly the words of Stephanie Meyer came back to me... Inhumanly beautiful. 

Despite that beauty, I wanted to run. Did I know why? I had no clue. My body just wanted to run. My arms, my fingers, my lips, everything wanted to get away from him. Everything that was a part of me wanted to flee. Something about him made my heart stop. 

Suddenly I was aware of his hand... it was so cold on my back. It was gripped tightly, and I had no doubt that he could keep me here if I tried to flee. 

"Who... who are you," I forced the words out of my mouth. 

I was still bent backwards a bit, if he let go I would definitely be taking a swim. I watched as his bright eyes gazed into mine. He had a smirk across his rosy lips. His eyes slowly travelled down my face, and landed on my mouth. I shivered as they slowly travelled back up. He still hadn't said anything. 

Then, in one smooth motion he brought my body back up away from the river. A rush of cold wind came and blew my long hair back, exposing the skin that should have been covered up with a scarf. Still holding me, I watched as the amusement left the young mans eyes. The look that overcame him made me want to scream; it was a look that a lion would give to a lamb... it was the look of hunger. 

Snapping him out of his trance like state, a snap of a twig made me jump. I whipped my head around towards the sound, and saw something that almost gave me tears of joy. I saw my father. He was still about twenty metres away, still to far to see me, but if I screamed-

Suddenly the young man I was intensely scared of wrapped his hand around my mouth as if reading my thoughts. I whimpered as he brought his cold face up to mine; I felt his lips brush my ear. 

"I'm the one in your nightmares," the man whispered. 

And just like that, he was gone. With my heart beating fast, I whipped around. I saw no sign of him. No footprints, no twig snaps, nothing. He just vanished. 

Then my mind slowly started to work again. 

"Dad! Jake!" I yelled.  

Apparently I wasn't the only one that heard the fear in my voice, because my father came running to me. 

"Selene!" My father said when he saw me, "What is it? Why are you out here?" 

"I was getting kindling for the fire, mom asked me to since you and Jake were gone again. I was just out here checking out the river when-"

"Jake, take your sister back to the boat," My father interrupted. 

He gave Jake an intense look and with a nod of his head, Jake brought me back without saying a word. 

"What the hell is going on?" I asked Jake. 

I was done being out of the loop. Something was going on and they knew about it. 

"Nothing. You don't need to know- Uh, worry about it. Just stop walking around in the forest alone okay? That's just stupid," My brother chastised. 

"Jake!" I yelled. 

I ripped my arm from his grasp and glared at him. 

"Tell me what's going on!"

Jake opened his mouth but then shook his head. He wasn't saying a word. 

"Fine. I'll find out for my damn self." 


//Another shorter chapter, but I just wanted to get one more done for you guys before I go camping for a couple of days. // ENJOY 

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