Mrs. All American

Amber Parker is an exchange student that has been to many different places in her school career. For her last year of high school, she was able to pick where she wanted to go. Australia is what she decides on, and this simple choice is about to change her life forever.


30. Where I Belong

*A Couple Days Later*

          “You’re home early!” Brylee exclaims as I stand awkwardly at her front door.

          “Yeah, I got my flight changed to an earlier time,” I smile. “I’m actually getting my nose pierced once I leave here.”

          “Really? Oh, you are doing everything early.”

          “I’m tired of pushing things off and waiting. I just have to go grab Ashton.”

          “Well, I don’t want to keep you here. Go get him. You know where he is, I assume.”

          “At our little studio,” I nod. “It was nice to see you, Brylee. “We can hang out real soon.”

          “Of course,” she smiles. “I am your friend.”

          “And I am so lucky to have you as a friend,” I turn and rush off. “Bye!”

          It takes ten minutes to get to the building, and another two to get to my studio.

          I knock on the door hoping Ashton will open the door, and a few seconds later he does.

          “Princess!” Ashton exclaims and pulls me into him, making sure to keep my face away from his so he can connect our lips.

          “Hello Ash,” I happily mumble against his lips.

          “You’re early,” he pulls away completely, cupping one side of my face with one of his large hands. “Not that I’m saying that you shouldn’t be early. Oh, I’ve missed you so much.”

          “What’s your surprise for me?” I smile.

          “Well, if you’re ready for it, I can quickly go get it ready.”

          “Oh, first, I want to go get my nose pierced.”

          “Let’s go do that then.”

          It takes an hour to get to the place and finally get me in a chair to get my nose pierced. I’ve never been more ready in my life.

          “It will only hurt for a second,” the worker lady smiles at me. “Then after that, you need to take care of it while it heals, and it’ll hurt for a while as that is happening.”

          I grip Ashton’s hand and force a smile, “I’m ready.”

          “You’re strong babe. “You’ll do great,” Ashton smiles down at me.

          It only stings for about thirty seconds, and I only shed a few tears. I’m so glad I got it done and over with, though.

          “You look beautiful babe,” Ashton gives me a kiss as we enter our studio.

          “Thanks. Is it red?” I gingerly touch my nose.

          “Just a little,” he gives me another kiss. “Now, I need you to sit on the little couch while I go get your surprise ready.”

          “Okay,” I hop over the couch and plop down in the middle.

          Ashton rushes off towards the only bedroom while I flop onto the little couch in the little living room.

          About twenty minutes later, Ashton calls for me.

          I hop up off the couch and rush to him where he is standing next to a full bath in swim trunks.

          “Ashton?” I look around and see a bikini on the counter.

          “This is the surprise,” he confidently smiles. “Just sitting together in a nice, warm bath. Please,” he pouts.

          “For you Ashton, sure. I’ll do it. Just close your eyes so I can change.”

          “Fine,” his eyes flutter close.

          I quickly change into the bikini before grabbing Ashton’s face and bringing to mine, kissing him and running my fingers through his hair.

          “I’ve missed you so much, babe,” his hands run down my sides.

          “I’m never leaving your side again,” I smile and then pull him into the bath.

*The Next Day*

          “I’ve missed you guys,” I kiss Calum’s cheek. “Even though I wasn’t gone that long,” I kiss Luke’s cheek. “But hey, you guys are like family now,” I kiss Michael’s cheek.

          Ashton pulls me into him after I’m done with the little reunion, “I forgot to tell you I got my Ps a few days ago.”


          “His driver’s licenses I think you call it,” Luke says.

          “Ah, good job, baby,” I turn and kiss his jaw.

          “No PDA, please,” Calum chuckles.

          I turn back around and look at everyone with a smile, “Sorry. It’s hard not to kiss him.”

          “I’m going to throw,” Michael fake gags.

          “Shut up,” Ashton gives me a little squeeze.

          “I was told there’s some news I need to be told. What is it?”

          “One, we are releasing an EP. It’ll have a few of the songs we recorded a while back. The acoustic ones,” Luke says.

          “We were invited to Nova Radio to do a few things,” Calum says. “It’ll be fun.”

          “Then, we are the opening act for Hot Chelle Ray,” Michael smiles. “Hope you are ready for that.”

          “Oh, I am so ready,” I smile.

          Ashton kisses right behind my ear, “But before that we’ve got another small tour to do. We will always have something to do.”

          “Good. I can’t wait.”

          “Are you ready to get back to practicing with us?” Luke smiles.

          “Oh yeah, let’s get to practicing.”

          We spend the rest of the day practicing a few songs, and then work on some originals. Overall, it is a very productive day, and it tires me out so much.

          “You seem quite tired, princess,” Ashton pulls me into him.

          I snuggle into his chest and pull the covers up a little bit. “I am. Jet lag is real and is hitting me.”

          “Aw, my poor baby,” he kisses my forehead.

          “You can kiss my lips you know,” I yawn.

          His lips connect with mine and I smile, “Happy?”

          I give his bottom lip a slight bite, “You give me true happiness. When I am with you, I’m always happy.”

          His hand goes under my shirt and traces shapes on my back. “I’m glad I do that to you.”

          “I love you, Ash.”

          “I love you, princess.”

          “My parents, we had a little fight because I wanted to come back to you. They don’t understand that this band, and you, mean everything to me now.”

          “It’s alright, babe. One day they’ll see. When we make it.”

          “You really think we’ll become a big hit around the world?”

          “Maybe not the world, but I think we can become popular to some places outside of Australia. That’s the goal, anyway.”

          “It’s a good goal, and with a lot of hard work, I think we can achieve it.”


​I am sorry if it seems like I am rushing through the story, and I kind of am. I just want to finish it so bad. XD

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