Mrs. All American

Amber Parker is an exchange student that has been to many different places in her school career. For her last year of high school, she was able to pick where she wanted to go. Australia is what she decides on, and this simple choice is about to change her life forever.


17. Teenage Dirtbag

*A Few Weeks Later*

          “Where’s your glasses?” Ashton asks as I come into the room in Michael’s house where we are filming a video for YouTube. He’s sitting on his little drum box and has a smile on his face.

          “I’m trying contacts,” I blink hard a few times to get tears to wet my eyes.

          “I like your glasses,” Luke says, working on the camera.

          “I do to, and they aren’t going anywhere. I just have wanted to try contacts for a long time. My mom finally gave me the go ahead to get them here. She’s been awfully nice, and I’m going to take what I can get.”

          “Are you ready to sing today?” Michael asks, sitting on a recliner with a guitar in his arms.

          “Of course,” I sit down next to Calum on a pillow, right next to Ashton as well.

          “You been practicing?” Calum gives me a little shove.

          “Yeah,” I blink some more as I feel my eyes starting to get a little irritated. “I think we’ll do great.”

          “I just want to hear you play the keyboard so bad,” Luke smiles. “You just keep pushing it off.”

          “Well, next time,” Michael says. “We have a song to sing now.”

          Luke nods, pushing a button on the camera. Then he sits down next to Calum on the floor.

          “Hey,” Luke says, setting us into a chain reaction of everyone saying hi or hey.

          “Um, so this is our new drummer, Ashton,” Michael says. “And he is now in the band, again. In case we don’t upload the other video.”

          “Sshh,” Luke says.

          “What other video if you didn’t upload it?” Calum asks.

          “Yeah, what other video, Michael?” Ashton and I say in unison, causing us to giggle.

          “Oh my god,” Calum shakes his head.

          “And that’s Amber,” Michael continues talking. “She’s just a singer for now, and she’s also in the band.”

          “Hi,” I give a small wave to the camera.

          “Okay, let’s start now.”

          Ashton gives a count, and then he starts drumming as Michael starts playing guitar.

          “Are you gonna say what it is?” Calum asks.

          “Oh, yeah, this is ‘Teenage Dirtbag’ everyone,” Michael chuckles.

          Calum starts off singing and it all goes well. He’s got a great voice. I sing for most of the chorus, but never by myself. It took me forever, but I finally got the boys to lay off trying to give me a solo at the very beginning. Maybe in a future video.

          About halfway through the song, Michael comments about his dog quietly to us. Calum and Luke try and call her over into the shot, but fail miserably. Then we get to a part where Ashton doesn’t have to drum, so he nudges my butt with his foot. It’s hard not to look at him, and when he smiles at me it’s hard not to smile back.

          The song sadly comes to an end, and Calum gets up to shot the camera off. Everyone wishes the viewers a Merry Christmas, as it is getting close to the holiday. Then Calum gives the signal that the camera has stopped recording.

          “That was so much fun,” I pop up and sit on Ashton’s cajón, right in between his legs.

          Ashton wraps his arm around me and kisses my head, “You sounded so great babe.”

          “Ugh, PDA! Gross!” Calum laughs.

          “Oh, shut up, Calum,” I giggle.

          “Are you two dating yet?” Luke asks.

          “Not really, Amber here isn’t ready. She’s still trying to get used to me and you guys as well.”

          “Aw, you’re making her blush, Ashton,” Michael chuckles.

          I cover my face with my hands, “Come on guys. You always tease me. It’s not fair.”

          “It’s fun though,” Calum laughs. “That’s what you get for getting with Ashton and then both of you join the band.”

          Ashton gives me a little squeeze, “Hey, it’s not my fault they placed an attractive girl next to me in almost every class. What was I supposed to do, ignore her?”

          “Try not to fall for her so hard,” Luke says.

          “You fell for me?” I turn and look up at Ashton.

          Ashton’s face has a red tint to it, and a small smile on his lips, “Maybe.”

          I lean back into him, “What the point of this band, guys?” I look around at the other boys.

          “Well, I want to see how far we can get,” Michael answers.

          “Do you want to become famous?”

          “That would be cool,” Luke answers.

          “So, you want to go far with being a band?”

          “Yes,” Calum answers. “Why, do you want to quit already? You can’t quit now.”

          “No, I d-don’t want to q-quit. It’s just, once the school year is d-done, I have to g-g-go back home.”

          “What?” Ashton sounds shocked.

          “Once I graduate from here,” I take a deep breath. “I have to go back home and talk with my parents before I decide what I’m going to do with my life. I’d love to follow you guys, but I have to give my parents ideas a listen. Then I could maybe come back here and make a life. Do some dual citizenship.”

          “I have been wondering about your exchange student stuff,” Luke says. “Like, where you’ve been and how long you’ve been doing it?”

          “Well, I’ve only told three people since I’ve been here. I think I can tell four more,” I smile.

          “Okay,” Calum grins. “Story time it is.”

          “Well, as you already know, I’m really smart,” I giggle. “That’s like the number one thing it takes to be an exchange student. I decided with my parents at the age of ten that I wanted to be in the program and head over to Rio.”

          “You were only ten?” Luke asks.

          I nod, “Yeah. I would be going to a small all girl school, so it was going to be fine. Anyways, after a year in Rio, I came back and stayed home until I was thirteen. Then I went to Paris to study for a year. Again, at an all-girl school.”

          “That’s so cool you went to Paris,” Calum speaks up.

          “It was very pretty.”

          “I bet.”

          “After Paris I came home for a little while, leaving when I turned fourteen to go to Japan. After that I was home until I turned sixteen, then started getting ready to come here,” I smile.

          “How was Japan?” Michael asks.

          “It was amazing. The Japanese people are so cool.”

          “Can you speak Japanese for us?”

          “Of course,” I smile. Then I start explaining, in Japanese, how I celebrated my sixteenth birthday. It was all studying and trying to have fun. I give a big smile once I finish.

          “I want to say I understood some of that,” Ashton says. “But I got none of it.”

          “I just said on my sixteenth birthday I studied some of the day, ate lots of cake, opened some presents, and had fun.”

          “That is so cool,” Calum says. “Do you know other languages?”

          “Just a few others.”

          “That is amazing,” Michael says.

          “That’s about it,” I shrug. “I’m not that interesting.”

          “You are so very interesting, babe,” Ashton kisses my temple. “Everyone ready for the Christmas festival?”

          “Hell yeah!” The boys shout.

          “It’s going to be so much fun,” I smile.

          “Brylee asked me to hang out during it,” Michael smiles.

          “I asked Laurel if she wanted to hang with me,” Luke says. “And she said yes.”

          “I asked Diana, and she said yes as well,” Calum says.

          “We should all hang out together,” Ashton says. “It’ll be fun.”

          I smile, “It would be fun to all do things together.”

          “It’s settled then, we’ll hang out that whole day,” Calum smiles.

          “I can’t wait.”


​And the band has officially begun. The story really starts rolling here. :D

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