Mrs. All American

Amber Parker is an exchange student that has been to many different places in her school career. For her last year of high school, she was able to pick where she wanted to go. Australia is what she decides on, and this simple choice is about to change her life forever.


31. Skipping Around


          “This is going to be slightly difficult,” I place my hand on Luke’s head.

          “Just sit on Ashton’s lap,” Calum smirks at me.

          “Can’t, then he won’t be able to drum.”

          “You try and tease and seem to fail a lot,” Ashton chuckles.

          I remove my hand from Luke’s head and sigh. “I’ll just stand then. It’ll be fine.”

          “You’ll stand out when you sing you’re solo,” Michael adjusts his guitar.

          “Are we ready?” Luke asks.

          “Yes,” Ashton says.

          Luke clicks record on his computer.

          “Whaa!” Michael just blurts out.

          “Oh, fuck you,” Calum whispers.

          Michael, Calum, and Ashton then start playing their instruments. ‘Year 3000’ means a lot to me, since it is the song that the boys heard me sing that got me into the band.

          “He took me, to the future, in the flux thing, and I saw everything,” I smile as I sing my solo.

          Ashton quickly taps my leg, and I glance at him. His dimples are out and he looks so great drumming on his little drum box.

          We finish up the song, and Luke stops the recording on his computer.

          “I really love all of your guys’ singing voices,” I smile as I sit on Ashton’s leg.

          Ashton wraps his arms around my waist, “You have an amazing voice, babe.”

          “Back on tour soon,” Calum says.

          “That’ll be fun, opening for a big band,” Luke says.

          We spend the rest of the day just chilling, playing video games and being ourselves.

          Eventually, Ashton and I get back to our little studio.

          “It is so nice to come back to this,” Ashton wraps his arms around me.

          “Don’t distract the cook, Ash,” I giggle, continuing to stir the chicken and noodles.

          “How come you never told me you could cook?” He kisses my neck.

          “I can’t really cook, and I think I have told you before. Only certain things can I cook for people to eat.”

          He chuckles, “Well, it smells nice, and I can’t wait to eat it.” His chin rests on top of my head.

          “That’s good. It should.”

          “You know, I get on Twitter sometimes, and it just makes me so happy that people think we are a good couple. They don’t hate.”

          “That is good. Who know what will happen in the future. If they’ll continue to be this amazing.”

          “We’re a family, and that should never change. They’ll always be here for us. If some drama starters come along, the true fans will always try and fix it.”

          “You always know what to say.”

          “I try. I’ve got to keep you happy.”

*Early December*

          “I can’t believe it,” Laurel says as she puts another shirt into a box.

          “Well, I think us moving to London is a good idea,” I smile. “You guys should move with us. Well, wait until you graduate school. Actually, I don’t know if we’ll still be there. Just, follow us wherever we go.”

          “We’ve been thinking about it,” Diana says.

          “I’ll visit whenever you guys decide to live, of course.”

          “Will Ashton and you share a room in the London house?” Brylee asks.

          “Yeah. We had to promise the boys no late night something or other.”

          “You promised not to do the nasty? Ever?” Brylee smirks.

          “What?” I feel my face heat up. “Is that what they meant? I mean, I’m waiting for marriage, I think. Why would they think we’d do it with all of them in the house?”

          “They see how close you are,” Laurel shrugs. “I think you guys are super cute.”

          “Have any of you made a move with the boy you like?” I giggle.

          “Michael and I have hung out a little bit,” Brylee says. “He says he wants to wait until he turns eighteen to kiss me. That’s fine, I can wait.”

          “Luke has taken me out on a few dates,” Laurel smiles. “He gave me a very quick kiss that left him flustered. Since then, I think he’s afraid to kiss me.”

          “Calum doesn’t really take me on dates,” Diana says. “We hang out at his house, eat, and watch movies. That’s it. He’s kissed me a few times.”

          “You guys are all so lucky to be getting with your guy,” I smile and pull up the band’s first EP on my phone.

          “You’re the luckiest,” Brylee says. “You’ve already gotten the guy.”

          “Talking about me, I see,” Ashton walks into our room, sweat rolling down his face and his shirt stuck to him.

          “Don’t you dare come near me until you take a shower,” I giggle and point at him.

          “Oh, come on babe,” he smirks.

          “No, shower, now.”

          “Better listen to her, Ashton, or you won’t get any,” Brylee teases.

          “Don’t be like the guys,” Ashton’s face slowly becomes red. “I’m going,” he quickly makes his way to the bathroom.

          “Ugh, I can’t believe you just said that,” I groan.

          “You embarrassed poor Ashton,” Laurel giggles.

          “It was just a one-time thing,” Brylee says.

          “Good. Now, let’s get back to packing. We’ve got to get this all done before the weekend,” I smile.


​Short, but next up is Christmas, and I'm not going to give too much away! :D

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