Mrs. All American

Amber Parker is an exchange student that has been to many different places in her school career. For her last year of high school, she was able to pick where she wanted to go. Australia is what she decides on, and this simple choice is about to change her life forever.


20. Sibling Time

*That Night*

          “Where was Ashton today?” Franny asks.

          “He was hanging with his family,” I answer and climb into my bed.

          “So, I’ll meet him tomorrow?”


          “Are you two dating?”

          “Not really.”

          “Are you serious? I bet you two are super cute together.”

          “Ha, that’s what everyone says. I’m not ready for a relationship.”

          “Sure. Anyways, I really like Brylee, Diana, and Laurel. They are super nice, and Theo seemed to have a great time with them too.”

          “They seemed to like you too, and Theo was loving the attention they gave him. He’s gonna have so much fun tomorrow.”

          “Will the other girls join us?”

          I yawn, “Yeah.”

          “Are you scared?”

          “Scared of what?”

          “Having a boyfriend?”

          “No, I’m here for the education, damn it. I do like Ashton, though.”

          “Come on, live a little. If you do like him, get with him.”

          I roll my eyes.

          “So, how’s this whole band thing working for you?”

          “It’s quite fun. We have a gig on New Year’s and we put covers up on YouTube. Well, we’ve put one cover up as a full band. We are quite punk,” I giggle. “No, but really. The boys are awesome, and I think if we try hard enough we can make it far.”

          “You really think mom and dad will let you do that?”

          “Well, it doesn’t matter, because once I finish school here, I’m going to do whatever I want. I’ll live wherever I want.”

          “You’ll live here?”

          “Yes, and I’m going to pierce my nose.”

          She laughs, “Are the guys corrupting you?”

          “Little bit. I’ve got contacts, and I kind of want a nose ring for no reason. I’ll run it by Ash first, though.”

          “You guys could live together here. In like a little flat thing.”

          “I’d have to look and see how much money I have, and work until the band thing takes off.”

          “You’ll figure something out, and you’ve got to do online college.”

          I giggle, “Yeah. Well, I’ve got time to figure it out before I head home at the end of the school year. Now, it’s time for me to go to bed, and you too. So, goodnight Fran.”

*The Next Day-Late Morning*

          “Babe,” Ashton pulls me into a hug and kisses my cheek.

          “Ah, so you are the famous Ashton,” Franny chuckles. “Nice work Amber. Just might have to steal him from you.”

          I pull away from Ashton and give my sister a death glare. “Very funny, Fran.”

          “Is that your brother?” Luke walks outside to us carrying a soccer ball. He walks right over to Theo. “Wanna play some football?”

          “Yeah,” Theo smiles and the two run farther into the yard.

          “I’m going to go watch them,” Laurel says.

          “The party can start now!” Calum exclaims as he and Michael make their way outside.

          “I’m going to watch them too,” Diana says.

          “Same,” Brylee says.

          Minutes later, the guys are playing soccer and us girls are watching. Well, I’m actually playing since it would be uneven teams otherwise.

          “Go Amber!” Franny exclaims. “Boys, take your shirts off!”

          “Fran, I swear, if you don’t shut up!” I shout.

          “Sorry for my sister,” Theo sighs and kicks the ball towards Ashton.

          “It’s alright,” Ashton kicks the ball to me.

          “She’s the opposite of you,” Calum smiles.

          “Doesn’t really look like you,” Michael says.

          “Very pretty though,” Luke smiles.

          I pass the ball to Theo who tries to score but fails.

          “Don’t hit on or go for my sister,” I roll my eyes. “Besides, she has a boy back home.”

          “Ah, that’s nice,” Calum passes to Luke.

          “I’ve got my eye on someone else,” Luke passes to Michael.

          “So, does Calum,” Michael goes for a goal, but I stop the ball before it can go into the net.

          “Do I know them?” I pass the ball to Ashton.

          “Maybe, we’re gonna ask them to prom,” Calum smiles and gives me a small wink. “Then us guys can go as a big group with our dates.”

          “I already have my date,” Ashton passes to Theo, when then quickly makes a goal.

          “Go Theo!” The girls cheer.

          I laugh, “How long are we gonna play and talk?”

          “For as long as we want,” Michael answers.

          “Come on Ashton!” Franny shouts.

          I turn and glare at my sister, “I swear Franny. Stop it.”

          “Jealous babe?” Ashton asks.

          I turn to look at Ashton, “Of you going for her? Hell no, I’m just mad she would want to steal you from me.”

          “Don’t worry about her. I will only ever have eyes for you.”

          “And I am going to vomit,” Michael gags.

          “Oh,” I roll my eyes. “Let’s get playing then.”

*That Night*

          “Christmas will come quicker if we go to sleep,” I pull Theo into my stomach.

          “But I want to stay up all night,” Theo whines.

          “Oh, come on Theo,” Franny giggles. “If you don’t go to sleep now, Santa will skip you. You don’t want that, do you?”

          “No,” he wiggles in my grip. “Can we talk for just a few more minutes?”

          “Sure baby,” I kiss the top of his head.

          “I really like those guys I played with today. Ashton is really cool, too. He like you.”

          I giggle, “I know. I like him too.”

          “I’m sad that we leave the day after tomorrow,” Franny sighs.

          “Sorry, it’s my baseball stuff,” Theo snuggle closer to me.

          “It’s alright,” I kiss his head again. “I understand. I’m glad I can spend Christmas over here with me.”

          “I’m glad we live in Florida so I can always practice baseball. I’m also glad grandma and grandpa live in New York so we can enjoy snow.”

          “It’s quite warm over here for being close to Christmas,” Franny says.

          “Well, yeah, it’s summer here,” I giggle.

          “No way. That’s so weird. I can’t believe it.”

          “Me either. The school system here is a bit weird. That’s why I was kind of confused why they call it Christmas break. It would be weird to have a super long break now, but when the summer months I know of roll around, I shall be winter and not as warm.”

          “Man, you sure are smart,” Theo just sounds like he rolled his eyes.

          “Don’t sass me, little man.”

          “So, there is no summer break?” Franny asks.

          “No,” I answer. “We have four, even breaks here. I can explain it later.”

          “Okay, it doesn’t really matter, though.”

          “You are prolonging me going to sleep and Santa coming,” Theo whines. “So shut up and let me get to sleep.”

          Franny and I giggle.

          “Okay Theo. Goodnight then guys,” I smile.

          “Night Amber, night Theo,” Franny says.

          “Night guys,” my brother yawns.


​Hope you liked it! :D

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