Mrs. All American

Amber Parker is an exchange student that has been to many different places in her school career. For her last year of high school, she was able to pick where she wanted to go. Australia is what she decides on, and this simple choice is about to change her life forever.


25. Recording Studio

*Middle of April*

          “I can’t believe this,” I smile as we enter the studio room. “A real studio to record our songs. Wow.”

          Ashton brings me into him, “It is pretty amazing, what we did in two months. Song writing and all that.”

          “We have the songs we want to record for the EP, right?” Michael has been giddy just like the rest of us, and can’t believe we get to record.

          “What’s it going to be called again? Unplugged?” Calum asks.

          “Yeah Cal,” Luke is smiling and taking a look around.

          I plop down on the couch, “Is someone going to come and help us?”

          Ashton sits down next to me,” Of course.” He leans in to me, kissing my neck.

          “No PDA today,” Calum groans. “But, Ash, better leave a mark.”

          “Oh shut up,” I push Ashton’s head away and lean into him. “Say, prom is coming up, in a month. When are you boys going to ask my friends to that?”

          “The start of May,” Michael answers, starting to make a dent in the mini bar. “Have you gone prom dress shopping?”

          “Next weekend,” I answer. “We don’t have anything next weekend, do we?”

          “No,” Calum joins Michael at the mini bar.


          “Hey, grab me something, will ya?” Ashton chuckles.

          “Sure,” Luke grabs a few things from the mini bar and brings them over to us. “That ring is still not on your finger, Amber,” he hands me a pop can. “Time is dwindling,” he hands Ashton something and walks away.

          “Don’t worry, princess,” Ashton whispers to me. “There’s no rush.”

          “It’ll be on my finger soon,” I whisper back. “The date is staying a secret, though.”

          The door quickly opens and a middle-aged man walks in. “Ah, 5 Seconds of Summer, glad you made yourself familiar with the mini bar,” he chuckles. “So, are you ready to record some music,” he sits down in the chair in front of the panel of buttons.

          “Of course,” Michael and Calum say with their mouths full.

          “Who’s up first?”

          “I am,” Luke slightly raises his hand.

          “Well, it’s simple I’m going to explain how this is all going to work.” The man explains all there is to know about studio recording, and probably just a little more. Then Luke is recording his parts of songs.

          “The boys and I are dropping out,” Ashton whispers.

          “What? Like, right now?” I whisper back.

          “Pretty much. We know you won’t, but we want to put our all into this band. If it fails, well, we fucked ourselves over.”

          “No, really? I think we’ll make it far. Prom?”

          “We can still go to prom if we drop out. You girls will take us.”

          “All righty then. I’ll miss you at school.”

          “I’ll visit you at lunch, but I’ll miss you all day.”

*The Next Weekend*

          “So, they just dropped out?” Brylee asks as she puts a dress back on the rack.

          “Yeah, they’ve been working on a little tour thing for right after prom,” I smile as I pull a beautiful blue dress off the rack. “So, I’ll be graduating a tad early. I planned it all out.” Upon more inspection, the blue dress has sparkles on the very top, with sparkles in flower patterns going down to my belt line; the skirt has many layers.

          “Wow, you’re really committed to this band,” Laurel smiles as she takes a beautiful, bright red dress of the rack. “I’d have to say I am too. Luke asked me to prom.”

          “Oh, my gosh, he finally made a damn move,” I take in the dress she’s holding. It has some flower kind of pattern going on the top half, and the skirt is silk.

          “Calum asked me,” Diana smiles as she pulls a purple dress off the rack. “I’ll have to keep up with all you do now. Plus, you’re in it,” she nods at me.

          “Ha, thanks,” I take in the dress that has caught her eye. It is a light purple with a sparkly sash like thing and silky smooth all over. “Ashton asked me a long time ago, if anyone is wondering.”

          “Michael asked me, and is was so sweet I had to say yes,” Brylee pulls a beautiful light pink dress off the rack. It is very simple, with one strap and a sparkly belt. “I’ll keep up with you guys, so Michael doesn’t forget me.”

          “Oh, he won’t,” I smile. “Does everyone have their dresses?”

          “Hold on, where’s your ring?” Laurel walks over to me and points at my bare neck.

          I hold up my right hand, “On my finger, where it should have been months ago. The world will can now know I am taken, and so is Ash.”

          “Does Ashton know?” Diana comes closer to me.

          “Not yet. I haven’t seen him since the recording session we had. I’ll see him next at prom.”

          “You two better kiss,” Brylee walks over to me and puts a hand on my shoulder. “You’ve put it off for too long.”

          I giggle and look at the floor, “Yeah, I know. He knows. Everyone knows.”

          “It’s alright, people go into relationships with different experiences and such. You went in very innocent, and it’s alright.”

          “I just want to give him everything and be the best girlfriend,” a tear escapes my eyes. “There’s no way I can do that.”

          The girls encase me in a hug.

          “Amber, Ashton likes you for you,” Laurel says

          “He always will. Has since the first day you got here,” Diana says.

          “You don’t have to do anything different than you have been doing,” Brylee says. “He’ll always be here for you, and he’ll never stop liking you.”


Kind of shorter than I thought it would be. Sorry about that! :D Prom is next.

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