Mrs. All American

Amber Parker is an exchange student that has been to many different places in her school career. For her last year of high school, she was able to pick where she wanted to go. Australia is what she decides on, and this simple choice is about to change her life forever.


26. Prom

*Prom Day-Late Afternoon*

          “This is very unnecessary,” I sigh as the girls keep working on my hair.

          “No, it is not,” Brylee says. “We only have an hour before the boys get here, and we want to make you look amazing.”

          “I understand what you’re trying to do,” I roll my eyes. “I’m saying it is unnecessary because he likes how I look without being all fancy.”

          “You can look nice for prom, Amber,” Laurel sighs. “Everyone is, so it’s not like you’ll stand out.”

          Diana comes and stands in front of me, “You don’t usually wear makeup, do you?”

          “No, I put a tiny bit of lipstick on sometimes. Then blush almost every day,” I shrug. “I’m the nerd, I don’t really need to put makeup on if all I am doing is learning and studying.”

          “That’s changed,” Brylee says. “You graduated, yesterday, didn’t you? Did you tell your parents?”

          “I adjust my glasses, “I did graduate, but I haven’t told my parents yet. I’m afraid of what they’ll do.”

          Diana carefully takes my glasses off and hands them to me. “I think you’re worrying too much.”

          “They can’t control your life,” Laurel says. “They have to realize one day that you are a big girl and can make your own decisions. You will tell them tomorrow.”

          “Fine, whatever,” I sigh.

          The talking stops there, and the girls only ask questions about makeup and hair.

          It all makes sense to why the girls got ready first, so they could spend so much time on me.

          They finally stop working on me when the doorbell rings.

          We all grab our clutches, smooth our dresses, and head to the front door.

          Brylee opens the door, and I’m amazed to see what is on the other side.

          The four boys are in tuxes with bowties; styled their hair so it looks professional. They all have a rose in their hand.

          “Hello boys,” Brylee giggles.

          “Hi girls,” Ashton smiles. “You all look beautiful.”

          “Ash, look at Amber,” Luke nudges Ashton.

          “I am,” his eyes meet mine.

          “Not hard enough. She’s missing something,” Calum says.

          A wave of realization washes over his face, “Is the ring on your finger?”

          I give a small smile and hold up my hand, “It has been for a little while now.”

          He smiles, “Let’s get going so we can get to prom and get a slow song. Then I can give you a kiss.”

          “About time,” Michael says.

*An Hour Later*

          “Well, this kind of stinks,” I sigh and lean into Ashton. “We’ve been here for some time and no slow songs.”

          “Be patient, princess,” Ashton kisses my temple. “At least they have nice little benches for couples.”

          I giggle, “True. Hey, why did you start calling me princess?”

          “I’m not really sure,” he shrugs. “I was overusing babe, so I decided to call you princess to mix it up. And, you’re like a princess.”

          I smile, “Well, I like it, so I won’t object.”

          “Ashton, fucking, Irwin,” a kind of high pitched girls voice slices through my ears. “I see you’ve found someone to replace me. Looks like you downgraded,” the girl comes into view as a pain rips through my heart. She has straight black hair; bright green eyes; looks to be my age, and a tad taller than me. She really is pretty, but her personality is ugly.

          “That was rude, Ashley,” Ashton tenses up a little bit. “And I think I upgraded. No, I know I did. Very much.”

          I smile and feel my heart starting to piece back together. “Hello Ashley. I’m Amber. So, you’re Ashton’s ex?”

          “Yes, I’m guessing you are his new girlfriend,” she rolls her eyes. “But whatever. I came over to ask Ashton for second chance. My boyfriend is now shit, and I think a dance with Ashton will give him the hint.”

          “No Ashley. I’m not at prom with you. I broke up with you for a reason,” Ashton says.

          “Come on. Ditch this loser for a party girl like me,” she smiles sinisterly at me.

          “Excuse me,” I choke out the words, and hold back the tears.

          “You need to leave, Ashley,” Ashton almost growls.

          A tear escapes, and I know I can’t keep them back much longer.

          Ashton grabs my hand, “I’ve had enough. We don’t have to sit though you being shitty.” He pulls me to my feet and drags me to the middle of the dance floor.

          When we stop walking, I wrap my arms around him and bury my head into his chest, letting the tears spill out.

          His arms wrap around me in a protective hold. “I am so sorry. I didn’t know she was here. Don’t listen to anything she has to say. She’s just like that. At least we won’t have to deal with her after today. Say, tomorrow, when we get to where we are going. We get to record a video for YouTube of ‘Gotta Get Out’.”

          I stop the tears and lift my head away from his chest, looking up at his face. “It’s alright Ash, I understand.”

          At that very moment, a slow song starts. Finally, now I can tell him what I have wanted to for weeks now.

          “There’s something I need to tell you, Ash,” I place my arms on his shoulders.

          “What is it you need to tell me?” Ashton’s big hands go to my lower back.

          “It’s something I’ve wanted to tell you for a while, but I haven’t really had the guts to say it because it’s kind of weird. We haven’t known each other for that long, and I’ve never felt this way about a boy. I’ve just been waiting to see if it is real.”

          “I love you too,” Ashton smiles.

          “I love you too, is what I said. That’s what you were going to say, right?”

          “Actually, yes. I love you Ashton. I don’t know how it happened. I’m glad I fell for you.”

          The next second happens in a blur as Ashton’s lips gently connect with mine. My very first kiss, and I can’t even explain it if I wanted.

          He pulls way and I can’t help but blink a few times.

          “You look better with glasses,” Ashton whispers.

          “Change is good, Ashton,” I lean up and quickly kiss his lips. “And, glasses get in the way sometimes.”

          “I guess so.”

          The next few songs are slow, so we dance to them before going to sit down.

          Once it gets down to the last hour, our group gets back together and we all hit the dance floor.

          “We saw you guys kiss,” Brylee motions to Ashton and I with her hand.

          “Really? That’s kind of embarrassing,” I sigh and grab Ashton’s hand.

          “We all high-fived after it happened,” Luke smiles and laughs.

          “Ashley about ruined everything,” Ashton squeezes my hand.

          “We tried to keep her away from you,” Laurel says. “Honest, we did. But, Ashley always gets what she wants.”

          “Well, not night,” Ashton smiles proudly.

          “Little tour starts tomorrow, and we have to film that video,” Michael says.

          “You guys are so lucky to be living your dream,” Diana says.

          “This is random, but is anyone else dating?” I ask.

          “Kind of,” Calum says. “Long distance is hard, so nothing is going to become too serious.”

          “That sounds good,” I smile. “I think everyone’s dates tonight are very cute.”

          “Tonight wasn’t really meant for any of us to get together,” Brylee says. “We wanted Ash and you to finally get together.”

          “I think this was a good thing for everyone,” Luke says. “You have to get to know someone before you date them,” he smiles at Laurel who smiles back.

          “That is very true,” Ashton says.


Always need a little bit of drama to spice a story up. :D

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