Mrs. All American

Amber Parker is an exchange student that has been to many different places in her school career. For her last year of high school, she was able to pick where she wanted to go. Australia is what she decides on, and this simple choice is about to change her life forever.


29. Missing You

*Two Weeks Later*

          “No, princess, don’t leave,” Ashton sniffles. His bloodshot eyes are enough to make my heart hurt.

          We’ve cried a lot today. I’ve run out of tears and my eyes are puffy beyond belief.

          “I have to Ash,” I sniffle. “I’ll be back in a week. Then we can be together. Forever.”

          “Forever,” he brings me in for a kiss.

          “And we can do whatever you want,” I mumble against his lips.

          “Okay, you two love birds,” Calum chokes out, trying to tease up, but still feeling our pain.

          “She’ll be back soon mate,” Luke says. “Let her go just this once.”

          After a few more kisses, Ashton lets me go, and I walk off.

          I try to not look at anyone for too long for fear I’ll have to explain what’s happened. How I’m crying over a boy I haven’t even known for a year but somehow love him with all my heart.

          It’s about an hour later when I finally board my plane, and by then all I want is peace and quite so I can sleep.

          “Would you like anything, ma’am?” The flight attendant asks me.

          “Do you have Sprite?” I slightly smile.

          “Yes,” she smiles back and quickly goes into her cart.

          Seconds later I’m sipping on a Sprite and pulling my computer out.

          Twitter is a little crazy, but I’m glad I can check my DMs.

          ‘Hey Ash. I’m on the plane and we’re flying. :)’

          After several minutes I get a response. ‘Hello princess. That’s great. Please call as soon as you can. I miss your voice already.’

          ‘I will. Say, you get your wisdom teeth pulled tomorrow.’

          ‘Don’t remind me. I’m so fucking scared.’

          ‘You’ll do fine. I did.’

          ‘You’re strong babe. I’m not.’

          ‘Oh, whatever. You are super strong. Mentally and physically.’

          ‘You like my muscles?’

          ‘Um, yeah.’

          ‘I’ve been thinking about what I want to do when you get back.’

          ‘Have you decided on anything?’

          ‘I think so.’


          ‘It’s a surprise for when you get back. Okay?’

          ‘Fine. Hey, I’m going to take a nap. I’ll message you when I wake up.’

          ‘Okay. I love you, my princess.’

          ‘I love you too, Ash.’

*Hours Later*

          “Amber, it is so nice to see you,” my mother gives me a hug before handing me off to my dad.

          “We’ve been thinking about plans for your future,” my father holds me out by the shoulders.

          “I’ve been telling them that you will turn down all their plans. That you have your mind set on what you want to do,” Franny smile and I bring her in for a hug.

          “I’m just happy you’re home to see two of my baseball games,” Theo smiles. “I know you’ve got all that band stuff, so if you can’t make it to all of my future games, I understand.”

          “Well, so much to take in,” I hug my baby brother for a few seconds.

          After the mini reunion, we have a thirty-minute drive home, but because of the traffic, becomes closer to an hour.

          When we finally make it home, my parents and I take seats in the living room to talk everything over.

          “So, we were thinking you could sign up for some online college,” my mother smiles. “Then, you can still travel. I know how much you love to travel.”

          “I have a plan, mom. Please, hear me out,” I shift around in my seat.

          “Talk then,” my father is stern.

          “I’m moving to Australia. Actually, I already bought a very small, cheap, but nice studio. I’m going to stay with the band. Online college may work for a while, but if we start to get famous. Then I’m done.”

          “Amber,” my mother starts.

          “No mom. Whatever you are going to say will not make me change my mind. This band is not a joke or a silly fling anymore. I’m not going to ever be away from Ashton and the boys, either.”

          “You’ve moved into a studio?” My father questions. “You aren’t even an adult.”

          “Brylee helped me before I left. It’s in her parent’s name, but I pay everything. Laurel and Diana helped me move.”

          “You really like Ashton, why?” My mother asks.

          “I just do. I love him with all my heart.”

          “You really think the band is a good idea? It’s not a steady job, and with clearly rebellious kids.”

          “I do, regardless of what other people say. Also, the boys are great, and they have made me such a better person,” I glare at both my parents. “Never bash them for not being like you. At the top. Oh, and this year, on my birthday, I’m piercing my nose.”

          “What?” Franny pokes her head into the room. “Can I pierce my belly button then mom?”

          “No,” my parents say.

          “But Amber-”

          “Amber is older and more mature,” my father says. “I guess, anyways. She has her whole life figured out. No matter how crazy it is.”

          “She found the love of her life already,” Franny smiles and walks away.

          “I have,” I smile. “I can’t believe it.”

*A Few Days Later*

          Pushing the little fight, I had with my parents aside, being home is great. The first baseball game I watched my brother play, his team won. Franny and I went shopping, and had great sister bonding time. For the time, I forgot what I’m missing the most.

          I click on the video Ashton sent me yesterday that I finally have the chance to watch.

          “Hey princess,” Ashton has gauges in his mouth and can barely talk. “I did it. I was strong. Ah, I can’t talk much so I’ll keep this short. I love you so much and miss you just as much. The drugs help me not miss you as much. Um, my tongue and lip, I can’t feel them,” he messes with his bottom lip. “Don’t share this with anyone, because it’s not funny. And, it’s only for you. Anyways, I’m going to stop talking now. Talk to you later. I love ya.” He tries to give a kissing motion with his lips, but only the top one moves. The video ends with him a little disappointed with his failed attempt.

          “Ash,” I’ve started crying at his super cute video.

          After watching it a few more times, I can’t help but giggle at him.

          Then, I can’t take it anymore, and I have to call him.

          “Princess?” Ashton picks up on the third ring.

          I can’t help but burst into sobs.

          “Amber, what’s wrong? Do I need to call a family member of yours?”

          “I miss you, Ash,” I choke out.

          “Oh, baby. I miss you too. Don’t cry. You come home soon.”

          “Did Brylee tell you that I bought a studio?”

          “She did, and I moved in. If that’s alright.”

          “That’s what I wanted,” I clear my throat and wipe my nose on the back of my hand.

          “Okay, it’s quite lonely without you, though.”

          “No. Really?” I giggle.

          He chuckles, “Why’d you call?”

          “To hear your voice. Is the band doing okay without me?”

          “They miss you a ton, but they’re doing good.”

          “Drumming. When I get back I want you to drum for me.”

          “Okay, well, we’ve got to do what I want.”

          “Alright. Is your mouth okay?”

          “Yeah. I’m glad the teeth are gone.”


          “Oh yeah. Say, babe, I love you.”

          “I love you too, Ash. Don’t hang up yet. I don’t want to stop talking to you.”

          “How about we Skype? I miss seeing your face. Your beautiful face.”

          “I bet you look like a chipmunk,” I stifle a laugh.

          “Very funny. I do though.”

          For the next few hours, Ashton and I are on Skype with one another. Sometimes we don’t even talk, just look at each other with big smiles on our faces.

          “I should go,” I yawn as I glance at the clock.

          “Me too. I need to rest so we can do lots of things when you get home,” Ashton smiles as big as he can.

          “I’ll be home in just a few more days. Don’t worry. We can make it.”

          “I know we can. We are both very strong. I love you, princess.”

          “I love you, Ash.”


It hurts to be away from anyone that you love. It makes you realize how much they mean to you, though. :)

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