Mrs. All American

Amber Parker is an exchange student that has been to many different places in her school career. For her last year of high school, she was able to pick where she wanted to go. Australia is what she decides on, and this simple choice is about to change her life forever.


13. Making Costumes

*A Few Weeks Later*

          “Ah, I can’t believe Halloween is just a few weeks away,” I plop down next to Ashton on the floor of my room. “And our costumes are nowhere near done.”

          “I come over to do homework, and I have to help make our costumes,” Ashton shoves freshly made popcorn into his mouth.

          “Shush,” I shove him. “We will get to our homework later. It won’t take long. I just want our costumes to be awesome. All Luke and Calum have to do is go out and buy their costume. Diana is going as a cat, so she’ll buy her costume. Laurel is going as Wonder Woman, so she’ll buy as well.”

          “What about Michael?”

          “I think he’s helping his mom make his costume, and figure it all out with make-up and such. I think Brylee is going to go as Lady from Devil May Cry, and I think she’s been working on that every now and again when she has the time. So, that just leaves us.”

          “Well, we’ll get it done. Don’t worry.” He leans over and kisses my cheek. “We don’t have much left to do. It seems a lot of it is make-up.”

          “Well, not a ton of it is,” I pout and scoot away from Ashton. “I just want to get our outfits done. Not have to worry about it.”

          “Have I been distracting you?” Ashton giggles.

          “Just a little,” I smile and look over what I have done of Sally’s dress. “I only had to make a tie thing for you. I had to make a whole dress,” I pick up the next fabric I need to cut.

          “And you are doing a wonderful job. You play keyboard, can sing, and know how to sew. Anything else I need to know?”

          “I can drive, but I don’t have a license,” I snip off a fair amount of black thread for my dress. “Um, I can cook, I guess.” I hold my needle up and slip the thread through the hole. “What else?” I bite my lip as I tie a knot to ensure the thread won’t slip out of the needle. “I would say I’m in alright shape. I run every day once the sun has started going down.” I begin to stitch a piece fabric to my dress. “What about you? You play the drums, can sing, and are on track to getting your license, I assume.”

          “I am,” he chuckles and I see him lie down. “I can cook, somewhat too. And, I hope to get into better shape with drumming.”

          “That will be a sight to see,” I glance at the boy to see a light blush on his face. “Anything else?”

          “I don’t think so,” he scoots closer to me. “I guess I can write music, and I like to explore the outdoors. And when I care about something, I like to show them how much they mean to me.”

          “Hm, that’s what makes you sweet,” I hold up what I have done of my dress; the fabric I’m sewing on hanging loosely by a few stitches. “And, I would love to go camping with you or something one day. Hike through the mountains or something like that,” I place my dress back down.

          “We could do that,” Ashton pushes a strand of my hair behind my ear.

          “This is taking so long,” I sigh. “But I lied I the beginning. We are way closer to being done.”

          “I just have to make sure I have a black tux.”

          “I still can’t believe that you are going trick or treating with us. Is there a catch of some sort?”

          “No catch. I’ll go out with you to get candy, and all I want in return is to be close to you.”

          I stop sewing and look up to see a giant smile on Ashton’s face. “There’s going to be a party at a classmate’s house, and I know you want to go to it. I heard you talking about it to someone.”

          His smile drops, “You heard that?”

          “I was coming to your locker to get you. It doesn’t bother me Ash. I know I’m childish.”

          “Baby,” Ashton pulls the dress out of my hands and then cups my face. “I like that about you. I like how carefree you are and don’t seem to want to grow up. I’m stupid and should have been happy that we aren’t going to that party. I would rather hang with all our friends and go get candy.” He leans in a kisses the tip of my nose. “I’m sorry for being a jerk.”

          I fondly smile and rest my forehead on his. “Thank you for that. I accept your apology. I know you boys just try to impress people all the time.”

          Ashton chuckles, “I guess we do. But I’m serious, Amber. I want to be with you and the others this Halloween.”

          I lean away from him, pulling my face out of his hands. “Help me make this costume then. If we can get this done, we can cuddle downstairs and watch some TV.”

          “Just tell me what to do, and I’ll do it.”


I am so sorry that this chapter is short, but it was either a super long chapter, or two decent sized ones. Hope you liked it! :D

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