Mrs. All American

Amber Parker is an exchange student that has been to many different places in her school career. For her last year of high school, she was able to pick where she wanted to go. Australia is what she decides on, and this simple choice is about to change her life forever.


11. Making a Move

*A Few Days Later*

          “Hey Laurel,” I smile at the girl as she walks up to me. “I don’t see you around here that much,” I begin putting in my locker combination.

          “Well, Diana likes to hang out with Brylee during this time, and I realized that I could talk with you,” Laurel holds her folders and book close to her chest.

          “Ashton and Luke might be by in just a second. But, anything you want to talk about?” I open my locker and quickly take out all I need.

          “Oh, I just want to be friends with you, and talking is a way to become that. My only friends are Diana and Brylee, and they don’t really understand me.”

          “Well, maybe I can understand you,” I shut my locker and look around the hall. “Ah, I see the boys.”

          In the next few seconds, Ashton and Luke have stepped up to us. Ashton wraps an arm around my shoulders, and Luke stands next to Laurel.

          “Hello ladies,” Ashton smiles. “How are you two doing?”

          “Good,” I smile and lean into Ashton.

          “You two are cute,” Laurel grins. “When you two start dating, you will be the cutest couple in the school.”

          “I agree with that,” Luke nods. “There’s a connection between you two. It was sparked instantly and it is strong.”

          “I do feel something,” Ashton rubs my upper arm a few times. “I’ll have to thank our teachers by seating her next to me in the classes we have.”

          “That was pretty lucky,” I chuckle. “Give it time. It hasn’t even been a month or anything.”

          “Can’t deny the love between you,” Laurel teases.

          “Amber’s shy, so we have to give her time,” Luke looks at Laurel. “Hey, you’re Laurel, right?”

          “Oh, yeah,” Laurel’s cheeks become dusted with red. “How do you know that?”

          “Amber talks about her host sister and friends sometimes. Mind if I walk you to class?”

          “Not at all. I’d like that,” she smiles.

          “That’s cute,” Ashton giggles.

          “What?” Laurel and Luke shockingly look at Ashton.

          “It was cute,” I speak up. “Now walk my friend to her class, Luke. You have to like my friends too.”

          Luke chuckles, “That’s true. See you two later then. Where you heading, Laurel?”

          Laurel and Luke walk off down the hall, leaving me and Ashton to walk to our next class.

          “Better head to our class now,” Ashton sighs, and we begin walking down the hall.

          “Is it weird t-that I don’t want to date yet?” I sputter out.

          “No, of course not,” Ashton gives me a small squeeze. “I don’t mind the wait.”

          “What about the teasing?”

          “Doesn’t bother me. I know you just need some time to get to know me. All those people who judge and tease don’t matter.”

          “You are so sweet, Ash. I’m glad I am g-getting to know you.”

          “I’m glad to be getting to know you. You seem too good for me at times.”

          “I can p-promise you I’m not too good for you.”

          “I’m like a six, and you are definitely a ten,” Ashton leads us into the classroom.

          “Hm, both of us are tens,” I mumble as we reach our seats.

          “What was that?”

          “Nothing. Say, want to hang out again this Saturday?”

          “Of course. Maybe I could bring my cajón over. We could play together.”

          “What’s that?”

          “It’s like a drum box. I could teach you to play it if you want.”

          “Oh, that sounds cute,” I smile. “I don’t know if we can play together. We can try.”

          “I can’t wait then.”

*That Night*

          “Does Laurel have a crush on Luke?” I ask Brylee as we relax on the couch. “She was blushing so bad when he was talking to her.”

          “I think she does,” Brylee smiles. “If I remember correctly, she may have told me a few months ago. She doesn’t think she stands a chance with him.”

          “Oh no,” I shake my head. “They are both super cute. He’s a bit awkward and dorky, so there’s no way he is out of her league.”

          “You think you could set them up?”

          “I would rather nudge them towards each other. If she keeps coming over to my locker to talk, they’ll start spending more time together.”

          “They talked, right?”

          “For a bit in front of me,” I yawn. “Sorry. Um, I can only assume they talked as he walked her to her class.”

          “That’s so cute.”

          “Does Diana like anyone?”

          “Probably. She isn’t one to talk about who she likes because we can all see it.”

          “But not at the moment?”

          “Well, she’s not talking to whoever she likes, so no.”

          “Ah, so she goes up to them. That doesn’t surprise me. She seems outgoing.”

          “What am I?”

          “Oh, I guess I would say, kind. No, big heart. That doesn’t sound that good.”

          “No, I like it,” Brylee grabs my hand. “What about Laurel?”

          “Hm,” I nibble on my bottom lip. “I’ll go with, humble. Shy just doesn’t explain her good enough.”

          “What do you think or yourself?”

          “Plain. Normal. Not special.”

          “Oh come on,” she pulls her hand away from mine. “That’s not true. You are so special. You’re a genius. You can be a band girl that plays the keyboard. You are strong.”

          I smile and sit up, “Thanks.”

          “You’ve also got a super cute crush, so you’ve got that going for you.”

          “I guess,” I look down at my lap as a blush creeps onto my cheeks.

          “Are you blushing?”


          “You are too cute. Ashton is a lucky boy, and you will be a lucky girl.”

*That Weekend*

          “What do you think of us staying friends, but going up a little bit in affection?” Ashton scoots around on his cajón to fully look at me.

          “Oh,” I try and keep the shock off my face, but fail.

          “Not right now, or anything,” he holds up his hands for a few seconds. “But, maybe in a week or so.”

          “What’s g-going up in affection?” I curse myself for stuttering in front of Ashton. I feel the most comfortable when I’m around him, and I can’t believe I stumble over my words in front of him.

          “Holding hands. Cuddling up at lunch. Hanging out like this more. Kisses on the face, but not lips,” his face tints with red. “Stuff like that.”

          “Is there a reason you are s-suggesting that?”

          “I just thought, since we clearly like each other, we could show everyone at school. So Calum stops flirting, and I get these other girls out of my hair.”

          “Other girls want to get with you?”

          “A few. But I have never liked them. And now, I like you.”

          “That’s sweet, Ash. I’ll have to think about it.”

          “That’s fine. I didn’t expect an answer right away. I want you to be as comfortable as possible.”

          “I’m so lucky,” I smile and look away.

          “That is cute. I’m the lucky one.”

          The two of us sit in comfortable silence as we collect our thoughts. It would be sweet to have a boy that I could get close with. I want to find the one for me, and he might be sitting on a little drum box in my room.

          “So, next week, do you want me to ask again?” Ashton speaks up.

          “If I don’t say anything to you first, then yes,” I look back at him.

          “You might make a move?”

          “I can be outgoing.”

          “Have you been thinking of the band?”

          “A little. I just finished the beginner’s guide, and I want to be able to play one song before I really think about joining. What about you?”

          “I’m just waiting on you. I don’t think I could join without you. I know Luke pretty well, but Michael and Calum are another story. You could be the glue that sticks us all together.”

          “Sure,” I grin and turn back to my keyboard. “Do you want to try and play together? Just a little tune from the guide?”

          “That sounds like fun. Show me the music sheet, and let’s try this.”

~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~ This is the first chapter that I had to come up with and not rewrite. It was fun to write a new scene for these characters after so long of being away from them. I hope you liked it! :D
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