Mrs. All American

Amber Parker is an exchange student that has been to many different places in her school career. For her last year of high school, she was able to pick where she wanted to go. Australia is what she decides on, and this simple choice is about to change her life forever.


16. First Band Practice

*The Weekend*

          “You’re taking me over to Michael’s house on your bike?” I look at Ashton’s bike than Ashton. “This is about as good an idea as when you tried to teach me to play the African drums,” I giggle.

          “You were pretty bad at that,” Ashton chuckles. “But this won’t end up bad. I promise.”

          “What is up with that purple shirt?”

          “What’s wrong with my shirt?”

          “Nothing Ash,” I smile. “Well, actually, everything. But, it’s alright. Let’s get going to Michael’s house.”

          He smiles and then hops on his bike, “Get on behind me.”

          “Oh gosh, this isn’t going to end well,” I hop on behind him, wrapping my arms around him. I’m standing on pegs protruding from the back wheel.

          It isn’t the safest thing I have ever done, but I trust Ashton will get me to Michael’s house safely.

          Ashton pushes off and we are on our way.

          It’s a nice feeling when I don’t think about the danger. The wind going through my hair and the way I can keep my eyes open because of my glasses.

          “Are you alright babe?” Ashton asks.

          “I’m great,” I smile.

          “Good,” he chuckles.

          I’m not sure how long we ride, but we eventually make it to Michael’s house. We get off the bike and go up to the front door.

          Ashton rings the doorbell, and we stand and wait.

          The door opens and Luke is standing on the other side. “Hey guys. What the fuck is that shirt?”

          “Hello Luke,” I smile. “And don’t ask about the shirt.”

          “Is it that bad?” Ashton asks.

          “Yes, it is that bad.”

          “Well, come on in then,” Luke moves out of the doorway.

          We step into the house and Luke closes the door.

          “If you’ll follow me, I’ll lead the way to the others,” Luke smiles, walking further into the house.

          Ashton and I follow him, ending up in the living room.

          Michael and Calum are playing some video game.

          “Hello guys,” I smile and sit down on the empty love seat. Ashton quickly follow.

          “Hey guys,” Calum says. “Want to play some Fifa?”

          “Oh, I don’t play video games,” I giggle. “Sorry. Maybe you can teach me some day. But, is this how you guys warm up?”

          “I will teach you,” Michael smiles.

          “To answer your question, sometimes,” Calum says.

          “What about you, Ashton?” Luke asks.

          “I don’t really like Fifa,” Ashton shrugs.

          “Are you serious?” Calum asks.

          “Yeah, I don’t play Fifa,” Ashton puts his arm around my shoulders.

          “Off to a great foot,” I shake my head. “How about you teach me now to mend the tear he just made.”

          “Sounds good,” Michael stands up, walking to the TV looking for a controller.

          “Play with me Ash?” I look up at him, a small pout on my lips and sad eyes.

          “No thanks babe,” Ashton gives a small smile and kisses my temple.

          “Whatever,” I shrug. “I’m ready to learn guys.”

*That Night*

          “How was band practice?” Brylee asks.

          “It was interesting,” I smile. “I learned how to play Fifa, and watch the boys attempt to play something together. They just couldn’t stay focused.”

          “They taught you to play Fifa?” Laurel asks. “They really are corrupting you.”

          “No, they aren’t,” I giggle. “I’m having fun here, and they are just bringing out the girl that’s been locked inside.”

          “So, you cuss now? Like the boys?” Diana says.

          “Sometimes,” I nervously giggle. “Ashton likes it when I do things that show I’m not so innocent. But, he also likes when I show innocence.”

          “Of course he does,” Brylee giggles. “You two are taking too long to get together.”

          “When is the winter festival thing?” I ask to change the subject.

          “The last day before winter break,” Laurel answers. “It’s still some weeks away.”

          “Five weeks,” Diana says. “Maybe Ashton will ask you to hang out after it,” Brylee asks.

          “To like, spend the night with him,” I ask.

          “Maybe. That would be cute,” Laurel says. “You could fall asleep together watching movies.”

          “Oh shut up,” I cover my face with my hands for a few seconds.

          “So, are you really going to join their band?” Diana asks.

          “I think I am,” I look at all the girls. “They really want me to, and why the hell shouldn’t I? It’ll be fun.”

          “I bet,” Brylee says. “Do you ever think that the band might get somewhere if you all try hard enough.”

          I shrug, “If something happens, great. I’ll let the boys do what they want. They want me to sing as a kind of backup because they like my voice, and they want Ash to bring over my keyboard one day so they can hear me play.”

          “So, they want to be a different kind of band?” Diana asks.

          “I guess. They told me if I’m in the band as well, there’s no way they will ever be called a boyband. Ever.”

          “That’s a good idea,” Laurel says. “I bet you’d make a great addition to their band regardless.”

          “Thanks,” I smile. “I think they’re gonna film a video a week before winter break. It’ll be fun to sing with them, and we can see where we go from there.”


​This is a little short, but I am tired and can't be bothered to write anymore. Hope that's okay! :D

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