Mrs. All American

Amber Parker is an exchange student that has been to many different places in her school career. For her last year of high school, she was able to pick where she wanted to go. Australia is what she decides on, and this simple choice is about to change her life forever.


19. Family is in Town

*That Night*

          Ashton’s long fingers dance across my knee as I snuggle closer to him, pulling the blanket up a bit to keep warm.

          We are on our fourth movie of the night, and it’s just us two since everyone else went to bed hours ago.

          Ashton’s mom, Anne, was so nice. It’s safe to say she just might love me. She teased Ashton during dinner, and I couldn’t help but laugh at some stories from when he was younger.

          Ashton’s sister, Lauren was very nice as well. While Ashton got the movies ready, she took me up to her room to talk for a bit She kept telling me about how she’s so happy Ashton has found someone to make him happy. That he went through a very hard time in his life where he was very insecure.

          Ashton’s brother, Harry, is a bundle of energy. As Ashton and Anne finished up dinner, I played (well, attempted to play) soccer with him in the backyard. I was terrible, but he kept giving me tips to help me become just a tad better.

          I yawn and force my eyes to stay open.

          “We can go to my room and go to sleep whenever you’re ready, babe,” Ashton kisses my temple.

          “I want to finish this movie,” I yawn. “I can’t sleep in the same bed as you.”

          “Yes you can,” he quietly chuckles. “We aren’t going to do anything, just sleep. Come on, please.”

          I quietly groan, “Fine, for you.”

          We go back to watching the movie, and it eventually ends.

          As soon as it ends, Ashton turns the TV off and picks me up, walking to his room and lies me on his bed. I maneuver under the covers and watch Ashton take his shirt off before climbing in bed after me.

          “We don’t have to snuggle if you don’t want to,” Ashton mumbles as he yawns.

          “Just hold my hand,” I reach towards him, feeling for his hand.

          His hand connects with mine, and he quickly intertwines our fingers. His hand almost encases mine since my hand is so small. “I’m so glad we could hang out today.”

          “We’ll be hanging out almost every day this Christmas break,” I smile. “This is just the beginning.”

*The Next Morning*

          I wake up with my head in the middle of someone’s chest, a hand on my lower back with fingers spread, and a hand on my thigh right below my butt. The person’s chest steadily rises up and down, so I’m guessing they’re still sleeping.

          I smile, snuggling a little more into them, and close my eyes. It takes me a few minutes to realize I’m on Ashton’s chest. It doesn’t freak me out, as I know it would have months ago. I’m actually starting to really get to know Ashton, and I really do like him.

          “Amber,” Ashton mumbles.

          “Ash?” I giggle

          He doesn’t respond, so I’m assuming he’s still sleeping and was just talking in his sleep.

          My stomach tightens as it hits me that Ashton must be dreaming about me.

          Ten minutes of nothing before Ashton wiggles around and speaks up.

          “Babe, you up?” His voice is quite deep and raspy.

          “Yeah,” I yawn.

          “I don’t know how you ended up on me,” he chuckles.

          “It’s kind of nice. You’re comfy.”

          “I’m glad you like it,” his arms wrap around my torso. “I like it as well.”

          “I just thought of something that makes me sad.”

          “What is it, babe?” He kisses the top of my head. “Maybe I can make you feel better.”

          It won’t snow here ever, will it?”

          “No, it won’t babe. I’m sorry. It’s actually summer right now, I don’t know if anyone told you how school works over here. We do it in quarters with small breaks in between. You came at the start of a new cycle.”

          “Oh, that’s so interesting. I really like playing in the snow, though. I’m glad I will be able to spend time with you doing something just as fun.”

          “We’ve got band practice and then that gig. That should be fun.”

          “And, you get to meet my family in a few days, and Christmas. I can’t wait for Christmas. Giving and receiving presents, and food.”

          “I go you some good gifts,” Ashton chuckles and his chest vibrating makes me giggle.

          “Good. I got you some good things too,” I smile.

          “Want to go get some breakfast?”

          “Sure,” I gently roll off him. “I want to wake up to your deep morning voice more often. Okay?”

          He giggles, “Okay. Sounds like a perfect plan for the rest of the time we’re together.”

          “And how long will that be?”

          “As long as you want.”

          “Forever,” I breathe out.


*A Few Days Later*

          “Mommy, daddy,” I smile as I open the front door. “Franny, Theo. I’m so glad you’re here. Come in,” I step out of the doorway and motion for them to come in.

          “It’s so great to see you, Am-bam,” Theo rushes to me and gives me a hug. His head resting right above my stomach. “You’ve grown.”

          “You do look taller,” my dad puts his hand on my shoulder.

          “I haven’t really checked my height in a while, maybe I have grown a few inches,” I smile and push my glasses up.

          “Well, you’re taller than me now,” my mom smiles. “You might be close to six foot now.”

          “Random growth spurt,” Franny laughs. Her red hair really stands out from her tan face. She’s not a natural red head, she dyes it all the time. She says her blue eyes stand out more this way. I’d have to agree.

          “Fran has grown some,” Theo says. He let his brown hair grow out a little and go curly. His eyes are a beautiful bright green.

          “I can see. Well, how about I take you to the living room, and introduce you to the William’s.”

          My family smiles and nods.

          I lead the way to the living room where Brylee and her parents are waiting.

          “Hello Amber’s family,” Brylee hops up off the couch. Her parents stand up off their chairs and soon we are all talking. The parents move to the kitchen eventually, and us kids are left to hang.

          “So, you’re the great Brylee,” Franny smiles.

          “I guess I am,” Brylee smiles.

          “Where’s the guys you kept telling me would play with me?” Theo asks.

          “You’ll meet them tomorrow, I didn’t know what time you were coming today,” I smile.

          “Is he talking about your bandmates?” Brylee asks.

          “You’re in a band?” Franny is shocked.

          “Yes, and yes,” I answer.

          “You play the keyboard in your bad?” Franny asks.

          “Kind of, and sing.”

          “I just want to play soccer with the boys since baseball would be too hard,” Theo pouts.

          “Tomorrow Theo, I promise.”

          “What about me?” Franny asks. “Do I get to hang with your friends?”

          “I was thinking we could hang with Laurel and Diana now if you want,” I shrug. “You think they’d be up to that Brylee?”

          “I think so,” Brylee smiles.

          “Let’s call them up and see if they’d like to go out to eat.”


​Ah, Amber's family has arrived. Hope you liked it though! :D

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