Mrs. All American

Amber Parker is an exchange student that has been to many different places in her school career. For her last year of high school, she was able to pick where she wanted to go. Australia is what she decides on, and this simple choice is about to change her life forever.


21. Christmas Presents

*The Next Morning*

          “Who’s up first?” Mrs. Williams asks.

          “Theo, because he’s the youngest,” Brylee answers.

          “Sounds good.”

          Four presents are pushed at Theo with a huge smile on his face. He wastes no time in opening his presents. There are my gifts that he really likes; then a present from Brylee’s family consisting of baseball cards and some Hot Wheels. Then my parent’s present to him is all new baseball stuff. He really is passionate about baseball.

          “Me next, if we’re going by age,” Franny smiles.

          “Age it is,” I smile

          Four presents are pushed towards Franny. Unlike Theo, she takes her time to open them. The first one she opens I mine, and she thanks me overly. Then Theo’s present is a clay flower with a butterfly on it. Brylee’s family’s present is a very nice purse that Franny loves. Then my parent’s present to her is a couple of beautiful dresses.

          “I want Brylee to go next, as a thank you,” I smile.

          “Okay,” Brylee smiles and nods as four presents are pushed her way. The first one is from Theo and Franny, a very nice outfit that makes Brylee smile. The next present she opens are from my parents, and another outfit that makes her smile even bigger. The present from her parents are a couple different CDs and some headbands. She saved my present for last, and loves the sundress I picked for her.

          “Now, it’s Amber’s turn,” Theo smiles and pushes a present towards me.

          “Can’t wait to see what I got,” I smile as the rest of the presents are pushed towards me. I open Theo’s gift first, smiling at the small stuffed black bear. “Too cute, Theo.” I open Franny’s gift, and giggle at the plush that looks like me. “Very nice, Fran.” Brylee’s present is some t-shirt that I already love; Brylee’s present is some skirts and skinny jeans. I have so many new outfits to wear back to school now. “Last one,” I hold up my parent’s present that is the biggest one of them all, and quickly ripping it open to see a box that has a keyboard guitar on it.

          “That is so cool,” Brylee says.

          “Can I open it now and try it out?” I look at my parents.

          “Go for it. We’d love to hear you play,” my mom smiles. “It’s different than a normal keyboard, but I think you’ll learn it quickly, and be able to move around on stage when you play gigs with your sill band,” she giggles.

          I force a smile at her last comment. “Thank you so much, mother, father. This is amazing. I love it so much.”

*Two Days Later*

          “Hello guys!” I smile as Ashton and I walk into the room where the other boys are.

          “Amber, see you got presents,” Luke walks over to me and gives me a quick hug.

          “Mind if you take them from me?” I smile sweetly and hold the four bags out to him.

          “For you, of course,” he grabs the bags and walks away to set them in the middle of the living room.

          “Does Calum get a hug?” Calum pouts and holds his arms open.

          I laugh and nod, “Of course.”

          Calum winks before walking away to join Luke.

          Ashton kisses my cheek. “Forever mine,” he whispers to me.

          I giggle, “Of course.”

          “No hug for Mikey?” Michael walks over to me and pulls me into a big hug.

          “Mikey, eh?” I giggle as he sets me back down and tickles my sides.

          “Luke is Lukey and Calum is Cal.”

          “Guys, it’s present time!” Calum and Luke shout at us.

          “We’re coming,” I grab Ashton’s hand and then the three of us make our way to the other two boys.

          Ashton pulls me down on the couch so I’m sitting on his lap. Luke sits beside us, and Calum and Michael are sitting on the floor.

          “Boys, open my presents first, please,” I smile.

          “Do as the lady says,” Ashton chuckles.

          Presents are passed out, and the boys take no time getting into my bags contents. I got them all different band t-shirts, bracelets that say ‘5 Seconds of Summer’, and some beanies. Then I got Michael, Calum, and Luke multiple picks, and Ashton another bracelet that says ‘Together Forever’ that I have as well.

          “These were very thoughtful, Amber,” Luke smiles at me.

          “These picks are sweet,” Michael says.

          “I really hope you like our gifts,” Ashton kisses the back of my neck.

          “Oh yeah, I got a keyboard guitar for Christmas that Brylee will be bringing over later for our band practice,” I say.

          “So, you can move around the stage?” Calum asks.

          “Yeah, I was thinking of having a headset microphone thing so I don’t have to be tied down to one spot.”

          “That’s actually really smart,” Michael says. “Not surprising from you though.”

          “Enough chit-chat,” Luke says. “It’s time for Amber to open her Christmas presents.”

          “Alright, who’s present is first?” I giggle.

          “Me,” Luke smiles and hands me a bag.

          I smile and pull the tissue paper out of the bad. Then one by one take out the bag contents: two packages of colorful hair ties with corresponding headbands, and multiple, colorful, fingerless gloves. “Ah, all of this is so I don’t sweat too much on stage, correct?”


          “Thank you so much for all of this. It’s very thoughtful. You’re too sweet Lukey,” I giggle.

          “Me next,” Calum hands me a box.

          “Okay, Cal,” I quickly rip the wrapping paper off and then open the box. Inside are multiple t-shirts that I’m guessing have the boys’ favorite bands and other things. I also got a couple of cute beanies. “These are awesome, Calum. I love everything. Thank you so much.”

          Calum smiles real big, “No problem. You’ve got to look like the rest of us so we seem like a band.”

          I chuckle, “True.”

          “My turn,” Michael hands me a bag.

          I take out the tissue paper and look inside to see a ton of CDs. “Are these like, your favorite bands?” I start pulling them out and looking at them.

          “Yeah, I want you to know what we’re into. Plus, I think you’ll like them. They’re in your liked genre of music.”

          “Thanks Mikey. I think I’ve heard some of these guys. Can’t wait to listen to them.”

          “Now for me,” Ashton holds my present in front of me.

          I grab it and his arms wrap around me. “Nice bag,” I take the tissue paper out. Inside are a few things: a few different kinds of bracelets, some suspenders, and a necklace with a with a ring on it. “Why does this necklace have a ring on it?” I check out the ring and see it has some sort of gem on it.

          “Because, once you’re ready to become official to the world, you put that ring on your finger,” Ashton kisses my cheek.

          “You two are too cute,” Luke chuckles. “Sorry, but seriously, Amber, put that ring on now.”

          “Wait, to the world?” Calum questions. “Are you guys official in private?”

          “I don’t know,” I mumble and lean back into Ashton. “I think, yes. I’m just, nervous, about the whole dating thing.”

          “No reason to be, babe,” Ashton grabs the necklace and puts it on. “I think we are, but if you want to keep it to just us, we can do that. The world doesn’t have to know until you are ready.”

          “Thanks Ash,” I smile.

          “That ring better be on before or on the night of prom,” Michael says. “But no rush.”

          “Yeah,” Calum chimes in. “Or else we might have to do something about it.”

          I chuckle, “Calm down. We’ll have to see though. Are you going to play some video games now? To warm up?’

          “Fuck yeah,” Michael says. “Luke, turn the TV on. Calum, pick a game. Amber, you just chill right there and look pretty.”

          “I can do that, Mikey,” I place my hands on Ashton’s. “I can do that.”


​I love getting presents, as well as giving presents. :D

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