Mrs. All American

Amber Parker is an exchange student that has been to many different places in her school career. For her last year of high school, she was able to pick where she wanted to go. Australia is what she decides on, and this simple choice is about to change her life forever.


4. A Crush?

*The Next Morning*

          I wake up with a foggy head. Last night I stayed up until midnight trying to catch up in all my classes. Some travel problems made me a week late to arriving in Australia; I had to take more time to adjust to the time change, taking many tours around the town, and working on getting everything ready to go to school. Basically, I’m a week behind everyone else, but with hard work from last night I’m almost caught up.

          My door slowly opens and Brylee pops her head in, “Morning worker bee.”

          I sit up and stretch out my upper body, “Morning.” A yawn over takes me and she can’t help but giggle.

          “When did you go to sleep?”

          I slowly slide out of bed, seeing if my brain can control my legs. “I think it was midnight.”

          “Did it pay off??

          “I am caught up in every class, but one,” I groan and slowly walk over to her. “Why are you so worried? You called me a genius when I first came here,” I smirk. “You think some late night homework session is going to take me down?”

          “I just want to make sure you have a good time here,” she shrugs. “And I know I call you a genius. Just because you are the smartest girl at school doesn’t mean you won’t have trouble with some things.”

          I nod, “Well, I appreciate you looking out for me. Don’t worry about me too much. It may not like seem like it, but I can take care of myself.”

          “If you say so. Well, we leave in an hour. Mum has breakfast ready, and I’ll be driving us to school today.”

          I smile, “Sounds good. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got to take a quick shower.” I squeeze past Brylee and head towards my little bathroom.

          My phone is placed on a small table near the sink and is blinking with notifications. I’m glad I left it in here so I wouldn’t be tempted to look at it while I was doing my schoolwork. I quickly take it off the charge and look at all the notifications: a few pointless emails, some missed calls from mother and sister, and a text from an unknown number.

          I open the text and slowly take it in. ‘Hey Amber. This is Ashton. Good morning, and I’ll see you at school. :)’

          A smile etches onto my face and a heat rises to my cheeks. That’s one way to start off a morning.

*An Hour or so Later*

          Luke has been standing next to Ashton since I arrived at school. I haven’t paid attention to anything they’ve said; I’ve just been trying to finish the one classes homework I didn’t get done last night.

          “Hey, Amber,” Ashton’s voice rings through my thoughts.

          I hold up my right hand and continue writing with my left.

          “I told you not to bother her, idiot,” Luke groans and gives Ashton a shove.

          I finish writing, let go of my pencil, and look over at the boys. “Yes?”

          “What kind of music do you like?” Ashton smiles.

          “Uh, um, rock and roll, rhythm and b-blues, p-p-punk, pop, electronic. I guess some rap. Oh, and c-classical if I need to f-focus.”

          The boys are looking at me with wider eyes than seconds before.

          “What?” I choke out; now embarrassed by the genres I’ve listed.

          “Nothing, it’s just, that taste in music seems kind of surprising for you,” Luke answers. “Beside the classical, no offense.”

          I shrug, “N-n-none taken.”

          “I never would’ve guess that’s what you listened to,” Ashton has his smile back. “What about Japanese music and the sort?”

          I nod, surprised I forgot about that type of music.

          “Great, we’ve made her shut up,” Luke shakes his head, but I see a smile. He has to be messing with me.

          “Oh, come on love,” Ashton looks right into my eyes. “Say something.”

          “Something,” I smile and break eye contact.

          “She did that to me yesterday,” Luke sighs. “Smartass,” he tries to mumble under his breath.

          “Don’t swear, mate,” Ashton gives Luke a small shove. “Or are you fine with that?”

          “It’s…fine,” I manage to get out.

          “If she starts hanging out with you Ash, she’ll have to get used to it,” Luke smirks.

          The bell rings out and Luke rushes back to his seat.

          “I’m glad you talked to me love,” Ashton whispers to me as Mr. Smith starts talking. “You are interesting. Maybe tomorrow I’ll learn something else about you.”

          I smile, “Maybe.”


          “You look ready to pass out Amber,” Brylee says as she takes another bite of her salad.

          “I think I just might,” I finish off my sandwich. “Maybe I shouldn’t have stayed up so late. It seems like my steam has worn out. Ugh, it seemed like such a good idea last night,” I take a sip of my water before lying back in the grass.

          “Why don’t you just close your eyes for a few minutes? If you fall asleep, I’ll be sure to wake you up when lunch ends.”

          I let my eyes flutter close, “Probably the best idea. I’m glad we can eat outside, in the nice sunshine and fresh air. It is so nice out here.”

          She giggles, “Tonight you will be going to bed early.”

          I smile, “That sounds wonderful.”

          We sit in silence, with only the wind rustling trees, the chatter of other kids, and Brylee’s chewing. I almost fall asleep when Brylee speaks up.

          “I’m gonna go throw our trash away,” she seems to stand up by the noises. “I’ll be back as soon as I can.” Then she walks off.

          Not a minute later, I hear footsteps approaching. The person sits down, and then they start messing with my hair.

          “Brylee? Is there something wrong with my hair?” I question. “Why are you so quiet?”

          “Well, first of all, it’s Ashton,” the Australian boy’s voice shocks me. “And no, your hair is perfect.”

          My eyes burst open and I scramble away from the boy. I glare at him and I see a stupid grin on his face. “What the heck?”

          “I’m sorry love. I just say you lying here and wanted to help you relax.”

          I can feel my face heat up so I look down at the grass. “Oh, well…I’m s-s-sorry. I didn’t m-mean to…s-s-snap.”

          He chuckles and it makes my stomach flood with butterflies. A feeling I’ve rarely had. “It’s fine love. I should have said something.”

          “Yeah. You s-should h-have,” I nervously laugh.

          He laughs once again, “Luke is right. You are a smartass.”

          I shake my head, but I can’t keep the smile from spreading across my face.

*After School*

          “It’s none of my business, but what is up with you and Ashton Irwin? I saw you two when I was coming back at lunch. I’ve never seen you so happy. Even if I’ve only know you for, like, two weeks.” Brylee says once we are cruising down the street.

          “Nothing is happening,” I slide down in the car seat. “He’s a friend. Well, I’m not even sure if he’s that.”

          “Really? Ashton Irwin has a crush on you and that’s all you have to say?”

          “He doesn’t have a crush on me. He’s just being nice. Besides, I’m not here to date.”

          “That’s what you keep saying, and that boy does have a crush on you. He wants to make you happy, and I see the way he looks at you. You are so blind to boy’s affection.”

          “You are crazy. What’s so special about me anyways?” Why does he like me?”

          She laughs, “Your amazing accent. You are quite pretty. Don’t forget, you are a genius.”

          I mess with my glasses and sigh. “Okay, sure. You have a small point. But I’ve already told myself I’m not going to get myself involved with boys while I’m here.”

          “That’s what you are saying now. Then in a few weeks you are head over heels in love with Ashton and want to spend the rest of your life with him.” She can’t help but let a few chuckles past her lips.

          “I don’t think that will happen in a few weeks,” I giggle. “I’m not that type. I am talking to him more and more each day. I’m becoming a little more confident around boys everyday as well. Maybe I’ll be having full conversations with him in a few weeks.”

          “Well, just keep working on talking to him. You’ll overcome your nervousness and shyness eventually. Then it’ll all work out.”

          I shake my head, “I do hope to overcome my shyness around boys. I blame my parents for only allowing me to be sent to all girl schools.”

          She giggles, “It will all be okay.”

          I sigh, “I sigh. Coming to Australia is proving to be a good decision and hard one all at once."


Hope you liked it! :D If I have time I'll be posting a chapter on Tuesday, and if not, you'll have to wait until Friday. Also, I'd love for some feedback! What are your thoughts so far! :)

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