We Put The World Away

All four of us. No one else can beat us. We got so disconnected from reality. We put the world away.

One, two, three, four, five. Breathe in....breathe out. I can't move it's like I have an anchor on me weighing me down.

Michael Clifford is a depressed suicidal teen. His friends are always there for him...will he ever let them get close enough to help?


5. Chapter 5

"So what's your name?" Luke said to me in a deep voice.

"Michael" As soon as I said that I instantly looked away and took out my notebook and started drawing. I could feel Luke's eyes on me just staring me down wondering why I wouldn't talk to him or ask him any questions. However this didn't stop him.

"Hey what are you drawing?"

"Um n-nothing," I stuttered I quickly slammed my notebook shut and while I did this I could hear Calum snickering next to me.

"Sorry about that Mikey right here is antisocial," Calum said with a smirk on his face. I'm not antisocial most people are just idiots causing me to be selectively social.

"I'm Calum by the way and words of advice don't go after Drew if you want to not have a STI."

"Thanks, is she always like that?" I heard Luke reply in a curious voice.

"No this is actually her calmed down, but anyway since your new here you should hang out with Michael and me also you should meet our friend Ashton." All while saying this Calum is looking dead in the eye smirking. It's funny that he doesn't think that I'm not going to get revenge. But for now all I can think is Luke please say no, say no, say no while I'm chanting this in my head Luke says back to Calum

"Sure why not," he said nonchalantly. The bell then goes off everyone starts getting up to go to class I then remembered that I had double maths.

As I try to walk off I hear Calum say to Luke what lesson do you have and Luke says the one subject I did not want to hear. Maths. Calum then has the amazing idea to say Michael can show you where class is because he has maths too. Fuck. My. Life.


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