We Put The World Away

All four of us. No one else can beat us. We got so disconnected from reality. We put the world away.

One, two, three, four, five. Breathe in....breathe out. I can't move it's like I have an anchor on me weighing me down.

Michael Clifford is a depressed suicidal teen. His friends are always there for him...will he ever let them get close enough to help?


3. Chapter 3

I opened the door to the school and saw that there was no one in sight, I mean why would there be I'm 20 minutes late.My school is like any other school you can find (shit and basic) it still has all of the same cliché groups that make you want to pull your fucking hair out. There are the jocks, the Goths, the emos trying to make a difference (their words not mine), the drama freaks, the bitchy sluts that think they own every dick in school aka the cheerleaders, the nerds and well you get the picture. Then there's my group the outsiders. Calum, Ashton and I we get so disconnected from reality it's just us. When were all together we can put the world away.

However because we're the outsiders people hate us well to be more specific they hate me. Everyone always tells Calum and Ashton to stop talking to me and how I'm weird. Hell it's not just the students that hate me it's the teachers as well. I guess the teachers will be able to tolerate me a bit more if I stop being so sarcastic and rude. While thinking this I walk to my locker without a care in the world, when I reach it I take out my maths textbook and walk to homeroom. As soon as I open the door to my homeroom I hear one of the most annoying voices you can ever hear. Miss Thomas. This woman is such a bitch that when she wakes up the devil himself scream "OH FUCK NO SHE'S UP!"

"Well look has finally decided to grace us with his presence; do you know what time it is Mr Clifford?" Miss Thomas said in a condescending tone.

"Well the clock on the wall says that it is quarter past 9 is your age really starting to take a toll you miss?" I shot back in a just as equally condescending tone.

"Mr Clifford I can assure you that my age is not taking a toll on me!" She snapped at me.

"That's not what those wrinkles say," I muttered under my breath. I started looking for Calum and saw that he saved me a seat next to him. He motioned me over and while I was walking I could feel Miss Thomas glaring at me.

"So where have you been?" Calum asks me curiously. Just as I was about to reply someone opened the door.



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