Pretty Little Hanna

Pretty Little Liars fanfic based mid way through Season One with a twist.

After a forest fire strucks Rosewood, Hanna not only comes face to face with A but also an old friend. Stuck between her best friends and Alison, can Hanna solve the mystery of A or is she distancing herself only to fall into further danger?
The big question is, is A really as bad as everyone thinks, or are they framed like everyone else in the town?


1. There Isn't Smoke Without Fire

I was dead. The fire inside of me began to fizzle out and the crackling in my chest paused into silence. Was this heaven? This explained the very annoying bright light. I could even smell the heat radiating off it. I felt like I was on the middle of the stage, a spotlight shining down as if saying 'I'm here, God, now let's get the party started!' Raising a weak hand to shield my face from the light, it suddenly died like the whole world had enough of my act, my show, my final performance. It took a few minutes but finally I managed to open my eyes a few centimetres. A large dense forest filled up my view, the trees soaring straight above me into the sky which was speckled with stars and dark clouds. My back seized up in agony as I leaned forward, opening myself up to this unfamiliar world. Then I realised why I couldn't breathe. I wasn't dreaming it. Fire. The forest was on fire.


Crouching up, the fire cast a warm glow on my skin, right where my blood stained shirt stuck to my skin. Glancing down, I felt the rough strap of a bracelt on my wrist, rubbing on one of the many cuts I had gotten making me wince. The white stiching spelt out a name. Hanna. Me. The hot air from the fire blew into my face, burning my nostrils and making my throat close . On top of that, the smoke began to blur my vision. Help. I screamed but nothing came out. I tried again and again but my efforts were just as hopeless.


Suddenly a figure came out from the fire, like a phoenix rising from the ashes. I began to wave my hand for help but then my hand stopped. The person was dressed all in black with a thick dark mask covering most of their face. The figure lifted a stick and began to move the dirt as if trying to draw a picture. Glancing down, I could see that the grass underneath me was covered in rust. No, it was darker and thicker. It was my blood.


'You know, Ali's favourite quote was "there isn't smoke without fire". The same way there isn't lies without the truth. Hanna, the truth is as rapid as fire and, just like fire, it's coming to get it's revenge,' The voice whispered. The words were blurred the same way my vision was - like I was floating in a dream world. I lifted my body up with wobbling arms, crawling through the grass away from the flames. The figure stopped and threw the stick into the woods with a crack. 'Catch me if you can, Hefty Hanna,' the person taunted but the words were said like a lullaby. The figure stood just in front, lending out a hand. I kept pulling forward on the ground, my false nails snapping at each tug. I had reached the spot. I glanced at the ground. The orange light was like a torch shining on the image. Except it wasn't a picture, it was a letter.


I looked up, but A was no longer there. Alone again. The fire was raging closer to me, I could feel the heat like the sun on a scorching day. Except I wasn't here for a tan. I wish I was. I tried to imagine myself swimming in Spencer's swimming pool. I would be putting my arms out, seeing the water evaporate from my skin as the others would splash eachother and talk about their days. It feels like an eternity since I saw them. I felt a tear fall down my cheek. This was it.

From behind, I felt someone pat my hair as if trying to soothe me. My eyes turned to the girl. I began to shake with fear, shock, maybe even happinesss. Her blonde curls fell in front of her shoulders like an angel. It would make sense if I was dead. Her familiar blue eyes looked into mine in that knowing way. Impossible. It was Alison. She was here to save me, the way Ali always did. 'Everything is going to be okay,' she whispered in my ear. For once, I trusted her. I grabbed her hand, her nails bright pink with little gems. 'Don't tell anybody. Not a soul.'


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