Pretty Little Hanna

Pretty Little Liars fanfic based mid way through Season One with a twist.

After a forest fire strucks Rosewood, Hanna not only comes face to face with A but also an old friend. Stuck between her best friends and Alison, can Hanna solve the mystery of A or is she distancing herself only to fall into further danger?
The big question is, is A really as bad as everyone thinks, or are they framed like everyone else in the town?


4. A 1-0 Hanna

I could feel the new meds start to kick in just like someone had hit me in the head with a brick. My eyes began to close and my phone slipped out of my hands with a thud on the floor. With such a force I wouldn't be surprised if it had a crack down in. Great. I went to press the big red button but my hands were no longer part of me. Atleast I was safe. I was in a frickin' hospital. I could hear a voice in my head saying 'how can you ever be safe knowing A's out there'? The more I thought about A, the more I could feel each heart beat like a bang in my chest.

I turned to Caleb who had his eyes closed. His hand was still locked with mine but I couldn't squeeze it. I couldn't do anything. Caleb! Hopeless.

'Because I'm not the enemy, Hanna,' the voice said. A said. The flames caused my skin to feel moist with sweat. I felt the hands of A through the wool of the glove. I wanted to open my eyes but I couldn't; no matter how close I was to Ali's killer, I was a blind mice who was one step behind. 'I know deep down that we both want the same thing...'

'Hanna, we got your message,' Spencer said. I hadn't even heard the door open. Caleb jumped from his seat with the sudden noise, almost pulling my arm out of my socket. I stayed still. 'Hanna?' Shoes quickly raced across the tiles towards the bed but not in the same way as Ali. I tried to look at them but I was paralysed.

'Hanna!' Caleb shouted, pulling me into his arms. He was shaking me like I was in a deep sleep. I could hear him slide the chair back and run into the hallways, swinging the door behind him with a bang. My name being screamed.

'Oh my God,' stated...Aria? The words becoming blurred. 'Guys, it's A!' I could hear a piece of paper being unfolded. A? Nobody had been in here - well, except Alison and Caleb. Alison...

'Somebody call the Ghostbusters! - A,' Emily read out. I knew they would think that I was the ghost and that I was going to die. I could hear Spencer knocking some of the medical equipment around, looking at the statistics and notes. The door banged open which I assume Emily did as she was the fastest one in the room. Aria began to rip the paper; hiding the evidence of A. She began speaking to Spencer in a low voice. More mumbles, more noise.

Suddenly there was an alarm and I was being dragged and prodded. I felt cold instruments placed on my chest and face. The bed began to move from under me like a ship on the ocean. I could hear words like poison and rates dropping. Ali poisoned me? I'm not the enemy. If A's the good guy then who's Ali?


'Hanna! I will just get Spencer for you,' Mrs Hasting, smiled. I nodded, my newly cut hair was short. I hade done it myself with scissors I had stolen from the kitchen and I could feel it tickle my ears. Spencer raced to the door with a princess ball gown on. 'I better leave you girls to play,' she said before hurrying off to her study room. Spencer was missing a tooth but I was more surprised that she was wearing a dress.

'Thank you for coming, Han. Everyone else is in the barn,' She smiled, her voice different without her front tooth.

The barn was old and smelt like wood. I could see that the hay had been swept into the corner. The room was filled with people from school. I could see the swim team in the corner, the leader, Spencer, making the other's laugh. Should I join? I gripped onto the gift to Spencer like it was my best friend. It was a handmade gift which was smaller than everybody elses but I had added a large 12 on the top which made it stick out. Spencer smiled and put it on a pile with everyone elses, before running off to organise the music. Slowly, I walked to the table which was covered in a picnic styled table cloth. I picked up a donut covered in frosting and began to eat it, the jelly filling my mouth, which calmed my nerves.

'Hanna, you should slow down on the food. The party has only just begun,' A voice said behind me. Alison had her blonde hair in a braid and was wearing jeans and a flowery top. I stared at the ground, wanting to make a big escape through the floorboards. 

'Leave her alone, Ali,' Aria snapped from behind. I turned to say thanks, but I could see her beginning to blush. 'Why don't we go outside and play on the swings?' Aria suggested. She had a black dress on with matching nail polish. Ali continued to stare at me, before grabbing Aria's arm into a link. I bit back into the donut and felt tears in my eyes. I will not let her get to me, I will not let her get to me, I will not let her get to me. The donut felt dry and tasteless in my mouth. I could hear everyone singing Happy Birthday to Spencer but I wasn't one of them.


'Hanna can you hear me? Hanna? It's Dr Johnston,' a woman stated. I could feel someone pinching my hand. 'She's responding to pain which is a good sign. Do you have any idea who poinsoned her?' She asked someone else. Poison? I could hear three girls say no in unison. She turned back to me and I could hear her pressing some buttons on my machine.

I was alive. 'Hey,' I whispered, my voice dry. Caleb was still sat next to me, his hand locked with mine again. He was tense and angry. I opened my eyes and I could see a policeman with Aria, Spencer and Emily. 'What happened?' I asked tiredly as if I had woken from a nap after a long night out. This time I wasn't hungover. I could see Caleb but his body doubled then went back to one.

'Somebody poisoned you in the hospital by increasing your dose of medication. It was lucky that your friends came to visit. We think there is a link between the fire and tonight's attack? Do you remember anything more about either attacks?' The policeman asked, getting out a pad of paper.

'What fire?' I asked, scrunching up my head as if someone had spraypainted over my memories. The policeman looked at the doctor in a panic. They continued looking at me, waiting.'Last thing I can remember was that I was in the barn. It was the same barn that I last saw Ali in. I went to visit it in the night because I couldn't sleep and I thought maybe being there at the same time, a clue might pop up. Then I remember nothing. Suddenly, I'm here with you guys.' I glanced around the room until I saw the doctors clipboard on the top dated 30th January. I was asleep for 2 days?

'So you don't remember ever being attacked?' The doctor asked. I shook my head, feeling a slight pain. For once, I wasn't lying. I looked up at Caleb in panic, fear inside of me. His jaw tensed as he stared at the policeman, wanting to get justice.

There was something inside of me. Something I had to remember. But I was erased like one of Caleb's phone jobs.




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