What A Feeling

17-year-old Rowan and her friend miss their One Direction concert by only a few minutes. Devastated, they start to head home. But as they're crossing the street, they're nearly run over by none other than the One Direction tour bus. The boys invite the girls to come on tour with them. Worlds collide, feelings develop, and madness ensues. How will Rowan deal with her newfound connection to one of the boys?

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2. One Fateful Night

Chapter 2: One Fateful Night

Rowan's POV


I woke up kind of early in the morning because who can sleep when they're in the same tour bus as their favorite boyband? Niall and Harry had loaned us some of their clothes the night before, so I got re-dressed back into my old outfit and fixed my hair and makeup.

I stood in front of the mirror, picking out every flaw I had.

"How can Niall think I'm pretty, let alone be in love with me?", I thought.

But I shook the thought from my head. I had to be confident or at least act like I was.

I walked out of the bathroom and I nearly ran into someone. Of course, it had to be Niall.

"Oh! Um...I'm sorry", I said, not making eye contact with him.

"Hey, you can look me in the eye, you know", Niall smiled as he lifted my chin, "And no worries. I wasn't watching where I was going".

I just nodded and to avoid any inevitable awkward silences, I brushed past Niall to go and get a drink of water.

"Oh wait", Niall said as he caught up to me.

"Yeah?", I asked.

"I was wondering, do you want to go explore the town with me?", Niall asked.

"Sure! That sounds like fun!", I said calmly, but on the inside I was screaming.

"I mean, if you're going to be on tour with us, you'll need some clothes right?", Niall smiled.

"Yeah, but I don't have any money on me", I said.

"That's really cute that you think you're paying. I'll go tell Harry and Alexa that we're ready", Niall said as he went to find Harry and Alexa.


Niall's POV

"Harry? Alexa?", I whisper-called.

"Yeah, mate?", Harry said as he poked his head out of the bathroom.

"We're ready when you two are", I said.

"Alright, mate", Harry said.

I started to walk away, but Harry said, "Hey, Niall?"

"Yeah?", I asked.

"You like her, don't you? Rowan I mean", he said.

"Don't be ridiculous, Harry. I just met her", I said.

"But you do like Rowan, right?", Harry said purposefully louder.

"Shhh! Look who's talking! You're in love with Alexa!", I said.

"I heard my name?", Alexa said as she walked up.

"Oh nothing, Lex. Niall here was just saying that he's ready to go", Harry said.

"Alright", Alexa said as she went to find Rowan.

"Oh so it's 'Lex' now?", I said to Harry.

"You better not say anything", Harry said as he pointed at me. I just raised my hands in defense.

"Are you girls ready?", I asked Rowan and Alexa.

"I think so", Rowan said as she looked at Alexa.

The four of us hopped in two separate cabs, Harry and Alexa in one and Rowan and me in another. In order to make the car ride as non-awkward as possible, I decided to break the ice.

"So tell me about yourself", I said.

"Well what do you want to know?", she asked as she twirled her beautiful black hair.

"Everything. Your interests, hobbies, where you're from, anything really", I said.

"Well, I actually live in the city of Los Angeles with my mom and dad. I'm an only child. I'm 17 and I'm going into my first year of university. Some of my interests are music, drawing, painting, and books. The Hunger Games is my favorite book", she said.

"You seem like a very interesting girl, Rowan. Who also has a very good taste in books", I smiled.

"Hah, thanks", she smiled. 

She had such a beautiful smile.

Rowan's POV

We pulled up to a huge clothing store that I had never seen before. We got out of the cab and Niall whispered something to the driver before he drove off.

"I don't know why, but I don't think we'll be seeing much of Harry and Alexa today", Niall said.

"Me either", I giggled.

"After you, madam", Niall said as he opened the door for me.

"Thank you, sir Niall", I said as I walked in.

I walked in to the store and I immediately fell in love. The entire store smelled like a combination of about 10 different perfumes. There was a mix of graphic tees, t-shirt dresses, normal dresses, spiky converse, ripped black jeans, flannels, sweaters, and pajamas. 

"Do you see anything you like?", Niall asked.

"Yes, but it all looks so expensive", I said as I picked up a black t-shirt dress.

"You're not to worry about that. Now pick out anything you like", Niall said.

I had never actually owned a t-shirt dress before, so I wandered over to them first. I picked up a black one and examined it.

"Hey Niall, I kind of li-", I began to say, but when I looked up, I didn't see Niall. He was no longer next to me and I started to worry. I looked around the store in panic, but I found Niall on the other side of the store looking at the dresses.

I ended up picking out one black t-shirt dress, one maroon t-shirt dress, a pair of ripped black jeans, two graphic tees, a red and black flannel, a sweater, and a pair of pajamas. 

We were walking out of the store when Niall's phone began to ring.

"Hello? Yeah. Mm-hm. Sounds good. Okay, we'll be right there. Alright, bye", Niall said before hanging up.

"Is everything alright?", I asked.

"Yeah, we just need to get back. We have to get to our hotel before rehearsals for the concert tonight", Niall said. 

So Niall and I hopped in a cab and went back to the tour bus.

"Have  you guys seen Harry and Alexa?", Louis said when we got back on the bus.

"Well, we all had planned to go into town today, but the last time we saw them was when we all left this morning", Niall said.

Then we heard someone pounding on the door of the bus.

"Well look who it is", Louis said, his voice dripping with sass.

"Hey I just got your text! So sorry we're late!", Harry said as he came back on the bus with Alexa.

"Just glad you made it ba...Harry, is that...what is that on your neck?", Liam asked.

"What? I don't know what you're talking about", Harry said as he covered the spot on his neck.

"But mate-", Niall began to say.

"I can't talk about this right now", Harry said as he disappeared into the back room.

"I have a pretty good idea of what that was", Louis chuckled.

I pulled Alexa aside and said, "Was that what I think it is?"

"Um...maybe", Alexa said as more of a question.

"You guys just met!", I whisper-yelled.

"Are you all ready to go?", the bus driver asked.

"We're all good!", Liam called.

"We're talking about this later", I said as I sat down next to Alexa.

~ At The Hotel ~

We arrived at our hotel by the venue that the boys were performing at. There were three rooms reserved, one for Harry and Niall, one for Liam and Louis, and one for Alexa and me.

"Do you guys need help taking your stuff in?", Liam asked.

"No I think we got it, but thanks", I smiled. Liam just nodded.

The boys went in ahead of us to take their stuff up and check in. Alexa and I followed soon after. 

"Harry just texted me. We're on the 4th floor", Alexa said.

"So you and Harry are getting pretty close, huh?", I asked as we took the elevator up to the room.

"I wouldn't say 'close'", she said as she pressed the 4th floor button.

"Oh really? I'd say you two are VERY close", I laughed.

"Oh and what about you and Niall? Anything happening there?", Alexa asked as the elevator started going up.

"Nothing, really", I shrugged.

"Yet!", Alexa said as we stepped off of the elevator.

We walked down the long hallways towards are rooms. 

"163...164...oh 165. Here it is", I said as I opened the door of our hotel room.

The front room had beige walls with a couch, a TV, a fake plant, a small table with two chairs, and a mini fridge. The bedroom walls were also a beige color and there were 2 queen size beds with navy blue covers, and two nightstands. There was a giant flat screen TV with a closet on one side and a bathroom on the other and a sliding glass door leading out to a balcony.

Just then, there was a knock on our door.

"Come in!", I said.

"Sorry to bother you, but we were just heading to rehearsals. Want to come with and stay for the concert?", Liam said.

"Of course! We'll be right out", I said. Liam nodded and shut the door.

"I guess we get to see One Direction in concert after all", Alexa smiled.

I decided to change my outfit to my new pair of ripped black jeans, one of my new graphic tees, and my new red and black flannel. Alexa chose a black and white striped t-shirt dress and converse.

When we walked out of our room, all of the boys were waiting in the hall for us.

"You look lovely Alexa", Harry said as he snaked his arm around her waist.

"Thanks, Harry", Alexa blushed.

"You're looking nice", Niall said to me.

"Oh um...thank you", I smiled.

"Ready to go?", Niall asked, offering me his hand.

"I think so", I said, taking Niall's hand.

The six of us walked to the venue from our hotel. There were a couple of people that obviously recognized the boys, but they left them alone and just took pictures of them as they walked past.

"Right, I have to go rehearse now. But I'll see you after the concert alright?", Niall said.

"Mkay", I smiled.

"Right. See you later", Niall said, giving me a kiss on the cheek before he left.

"He likes you", Alexa said.

"Oh please. That was just a friendly peck on the cheek", I said.

"No. No it wasn't. He likes you. And I know you like him, too", Alexa insisted.

"So what if I do? It's not like he likes me back", I said.

If I only knew what was going to happen.

~ During The Concert ~

Alexa and I had been watching the concert from backstage. The boys were doing so well and the concert was just coming to a close.

"We want to thank all of you for coming out tonight", Liam said, causing the crowd to go wild.

"This last song goes out to someone special. I hope she knows who she is. She's here tonight, actually. This is 'Nobody Compares'", Niall said.

"He's talking about you", Alexa said, nudging my side.

"I doubt it", I said as the beginning notes of Nobody Compares started playing.

~ After The Concert ~

"You guys did so well!", Alexa said as they came running backstage.

"Thanks, babe", Harry said.

"The guys and I were thinking of going out to the club", Louis said.

"Sounds like fun!", Alexa said.

"Mmm...I don't know...I don't really do clubs", I said.

"Come on! It'll be fun", Alexa begged.

"I don't know...", I said.

"It's alright. I don't really feel like going either. I'll go back to the hotel with you", Niall said.

"Niall turning down the club?", Louis asked in disbelief.

"Are you sure?", I asked.

"Yeah, I'm not really feeling the club tonight", Niall smiled.

Niall and I started walking down the street into the black abyss of the night towards the hotel.

"Don't go to far! You know what I mean!", Louis called after us.

"Shut up, Tommo!", Niall said.

It hadn't registered until now that it was very cold outside. As Niall and I were talking, I could see my breath. But it was a peaceful night, nonetheless. There was hardly anyone on the streets except for Niall and me.

"Did you like the concert?", Niall asked with a smile.

"Yeah it was great", I smiled back and Niall and I took the elevator back to our rooms.

I was about to open my room door when Niall stopped me.

"Rowan, I hope this doesn't sound weird or anything...but, would you like to come to my room?", Niall asked shyly.

Just answer him. It's not like anything is going to happen.

"Um, yeah alright", I said as I followed Niall to his room.

"I apologize for the mess. Harry is not the neatest of lads", Niall said as he stepped around all the clothes scattered on the floor.

Niall and I went out to the balcony and looked out into the city, with about six inches of room between us. The city was still calm and quiet and the only noise you could hear was a dog howling in the distance. There was no need for words. Niall and I were just enjoying each other's company.

Out of nowhere, he asked, "Rowan, can I ask you something?"

"Sure, what's up?", I said.

"Do you believe in love at first sight?", Niall asked, now facing me.

Turning towards him, I said, "Well, I guess it's possible".

"Now another question: if someone were to randomly kiss you, just out of the blue, would you find it difficult to kiss back?", Niall asked, scooting closer to me.

"Uh, maybe. Just because I'd be caught off guard. Plus I'm kind of bad at it", I said s calmly as I could.

Niall then moved even closer to me to where I could feel his breath on my face. He placed one hand on my right bicep and the other hand on my lower back.

"Are you caught off guard now?", he asked quietly.

"N-", but before I could even say the word "no", Niall had crashed his lips onto mine. I didn't find it difficult to kiss back. Not at all. Our lips moved in sync and it felt like the whole world was just slowing down. 

"You're not so bad at this", Niall smiled, breaking the kiss only for a moment.

"Hah thanks", I smiled.

Niall began to deepen the kiss as I tangled my fingers in his hair. The both of us were so caught up in the moment that we both began to lose our balance. I had to grab the railing to avoid falling over.

"Sorry about that", Niall laughed, "What do you say we take this inside?"

"Y-yeah", I nodded.

I followed Niall back inside his hotel room. As soon as he shut the door that led to the balcony, he continued to kiss me, deeper than before.

~ The Next Morning ~

I turned over in bed the next morning and my hand hit a piece of paper that was on the pillow next to me.

Went to rehearsals @ 10:00 x

See you tonight :)

- Niall

Why would Niall leave me a note?

Oh yeah...I was with him last night.

I got dressed and went back to my room, which was right next door.

"And how was your night?", Alexa asked. I could tell she was trying very hard not to laugh.

"Fine", I said suspiciously, "By the way, Harry went-"

"To rehearsals. He just texted me", Alexa said, gesturing to her phone, "Rowan, last night, did you and Niall..."

"Maybe...", I said as my face went bright red.

"I called it! I knew it! I knew you like him!", she said.

If only we knew then

Author's Note (please read):

It's only the second chapter and I already love this story! :D what do you guys think? Let me know in the comments :) I want to thank everyone that has taken time to read my stories! You make my day! ^_^

I love you guys!! <3






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