What A Feeling

17-year-old Rowan and her friend miss their One Direction concert by only a few minutes. Devastated, they start to head home. But as they're crossing the street, they're nearly run over by none other than the One Direction tour bus. The boys invite the girls to come on tour with them. Worlds collide, feelings develop, and madness ensues. How will Rowan deal with her newfound connection to one of the boys?

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4. Los Angeles

Chapter 4: Los Angeles

Author's Note (please read):


Okay so I messed up Rowan's hometown location. I first said Los Angeles and then I said Oxford. Her hometown is Los Angeles and not Oxford. Just wanted to clear things up :) I have edited the chapters so it says Los Angeles.

Love you all <3 Here's the chapter :)


Rowan's POV


"Good luck", Alexa said as she gave me a hug.

"Thanks. I'm going to need it", I chuckled.

Today was the first day of the boys' break until their tour started up again. That meant today was also the day that Niall and I were going to visit my parents. And tell them that I was pregnant with Niall's child.

"Best of luck to you, mate", Harry said as he patted Niall's back.

"Thanks Harry", Niall said, taking a deep breath.

"Just try not to get murdered by Rowan's father", Louis said, earning an elbow in the ribs from Liam.

"You'll be fine, Niall. But good luck anyway", Liam smiled.

"Thank you, mate", Niall said, "Well Rowan, we better get going".

"Alright. Well, see you guys in a week", I said.

"Have a safe trip", Liam said, giving me a hug.

"Thank you, Liam", I said, "And Harry, take care of Alexa".

"You can count on that", Harry smiled.

"We're going to take off now. Bye lads", Niall said as he and I walked out the door.

"Bye!", they all waved.

Niall and I had a car waiting outside the hotel for us that was going to drive us to the airport. I thought it was early enough that we wouldn't need security, but Niall insisted. He knew his fans. He knew they'd be up at the crack of dawn if it meant they got to see him. Plus he didn't want to take the chance of me or his child getting hurt.

"Are you feeling alright?", Niall asked when we arrived at the airport.

"I'm doing alright. Thanks, Niall", I smiled.

Niall just flashed his famous grin. We started walking towards the entrance of the airport when Niall got a serious look on his face.

"No", he groaned when he saw the hundreds of fans waiting for him inn the airport.

Half of our security went in front of us while the other half brought up the back. We entered the airport and we were immediately greeted with hysterical screaming and flashing cameras.

"Niall, over here!"

"I love you Niall!"

"Who's the girl Niall?"

"Is that your girlfriend?"

Fans were swarming us and security was trying their best to clear a path for Niall and I.

Then the room started spinning. My vision was blurring and my stomach began to cramp up.

"Niall, I don't feel so good", I said as I tightly gripped his arm.

"Security, get us out of here!", Niall yelled over the frenzied screams of the fans. My vision was getting more cloudy and I felt extremely nauseous, so I had to lean on Niall for balance.

"We've got a pregnant woman here, so please move out of the way", the security guard in front of me said as they continued to clear the way.

Within 30 minutes, Niall and I had boarded our plane that would take us to my hometown of Los Angeles. By this point, my vision stopped blurring and I no longer had the urge to throw up.

"Are you doing alright Rowan?", Niall asked.

"Much better, thank you", I nodded. Niall just cracked a smile, showing off his perfect teeth. I hadn't known him for that long, but I could already tell he was going to be a great father.

I've only been pregnant for about a month, but I felt as though I had been drained of all my energy. So I flicked on the TV in front of me and looked for a good movie to fall asleep to.

Niall's POV

"Are you doing alright Rowan?", I asked.

"Much better, thank you", she nodded.

I just cracked one of my famous smiles. Rowan had dark circles under her eyes and she looked completely exhausted, but she still looked beautiful. I already knew she would be a great mother to our child.

As the plane took off, my stomach started doing somersaults. What would Rowan's parents think of her? What would they think of me? I didn't know Rowan's parents views on subjects such as having children before marriage. Heck, I barely even knew Rowan! And we're having a child together! We're not married or engaged. We aren't even dating! I just hope that her parents, no matter what their opinions are, know that people make mistakes sometimes.

But was this a mistake?

Maybe if Rowan and I were dating, her parents would take the news of the pregnancy a bit better.

"Hey, Ro?", I said, tapping her shoulder.

"Mm?", she mumbled as she took her headphones off.

"Um...I just wanted to ask...look in not asking this just because you're pregnant with my child. But would you maybe consider going on a date with me?", I said as I nervously scratched the back of my neck.

"I'd love to go on a date with you Niall", Rowan said as she cracked a half-smile, showing off her dimple.

"Great! Great! That's great!", I smiled, "Just one more question".

"What is it?", she asked.

"What do you think your parents will say when they find out about me and the pregnancy?"

Rowan just exhaled and said, "To be honest, I don't know. We are a family of Christians and we have strong views on sex before marriage. But they were teenage parents as well, so I'm sure they'll be understanding".

"Oh that's good", I sighed in relief.

"The only one you need to worry about is my protective older brother, Daniel", Rowan said.

Oh great.

My worry must have shown in my facial expression because Rowan giggled and said, "Don't worry, Niall. You'll be alright".

"I'll trust you on that", I chuckled.

"Good", she yawned. She truly looked completely exhausted. Almost as though she hadn't slept in months, so I dropped the subject and let her drift off to sleep.

Rowan's POV

"Ladies and gentlemen, please buckle your seatbelts as the plane begins it's landing"

As soon as I buckled my seatbelt, Niall reached over and grabbed my hand. The expression on his face told me that he was still worried.

"Niall, you're going to be fine", I giggled as I placed my hand over his. He just looked at me with nervous eyes and half-smiled.

The plane touched down in the ground, causing Niall to tighten his grip on my hand. We took our bags, well Niall took our bags, and we exited the plane.

"I can carry my bags. I'm not totally helpless", I chuckled.

" I've got it, love. Besides, I don't want anything to happen to you or our baby. I don't want another episode like the one at the airport back in America", Niall said as he struggled to carry our bags to the cab.

Instead of objecting, I just smiled to myself. I found his protectiveness of me and our child very adorable.

Niall and I buckled our seatbelts and the cab driver sped off to my parents house in the outskirts of Los Angeles. It was rather close, so the drive was fairly short. But Niall thought otherwise.

"How much further?", he asked as me nervously but his lip.

"It's just around the block", I said, both to Niall and the cab driver.

The cab pulled up in front of a familiar white house. Two cars sat in the driveway, meaning everyone was home. The roses were still a vibrant red and the windows were squeaky clean. The grass was green and the window panes looked as though they had been repainted.

"Nice place", Niall smiled as we removed our luggage from the trunk of the cab.

"Thanks", I smiled, "Well, here we go".

Niall took my hand in his as we slowly walked up to the front door of my house. The sound of the doorbell made my heart jump. I guess I was almost as nervous as Niall.

As the door slowly opened, I saw the last person I wanted to be greeted by.

"Hello Daniel", I said.

Author's Note (please read):

Thank you so much for 413 reads!!!! I love you all so much <3 I honestly can't believe the reaction this story is getting. I'm might shed a tear...Lol jk but seriously thank you guys so much!! :)

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