Who should i choose?

This fanfiction is the one that will be the best I garunteed. It's about a 18 year old girl working at a video game store and runs into Michael and Ashton without knowing it. Then she meets a girl.



2. 5sos concert

I finished work and went home really fast. I had to change so I picked out tight black jeans, pink converse, a red crop top, and a 5sos hat with a jacket and glasses. I grabbed my phone and gum and waited for her. She called me to step outside and I saw her. I had gotten in the car and we drove off. On the way there we listen to all of 5sos songs. When we got there we saw a tour bus we thought it was 5sos tour bus. We went in and we excited see them. We got 5sos t-shirts and food. We went to our seats with goosebumps. I took time to see them but they came out. We were screaming. We were singing every single song. Michael and Ashton looked like the people that I work with. What a minuet. They are the people from work. I didn't even recognized .

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