Boys Talk Boys (L.H. & M.C.)

Michael moves to town and goes to Luke's school but what Michael doesn't know is Luke is his ex from a long time ago Michael had Amnesia and Luke wrote a song and Michael falls in love again


3. Michael's POV

I went to Luke's room and played my guitar to the tune of kiss me by Ed Sheeran and I didn't notice but Luke walked in and started singing "This feels like falling in love" we say in unison and I listen to him sing the rest as I play the acoustic he got me more and when we finish I put the guitar up "Let's start a band Hemmings called 5 Seconds Of Summer" I tell him and he nods smiling at that moment Cal and Ash yell pizza and me and Luke tumble down the stairs and I got the first  slice "Ha Bitch!" I yell and eat it he whines while Ash and Cal are on the floor -A few minutes later- "Guys I came up with the idea to start a band called 5 Seconds Of Summer" I tell Cal and Ash they are excited to start a band. After dinner Luke and I sit at the edge of the pool my head on his. He kissed me I felt fireworks "This feels like falling love" he says and I smile and get up "Yup but I'm tired so I will see you in bed My Penguin" I say and go to bed and he follows and we go to sleep

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