Boys Talk Boys (L.H. & M.C.)

Michael moves to town and goes to Luke's school but what Michael doesn't know is Luke is his ex from a long time ago Michael had Amnesia and Luke wrote a song and Michael falls in love again


1. Michael's POV

my mum told me i was moving to Australia and she had to stay back so I was boarding the plane listening to Blink but Australia made me have flashbacks of a very young hemmo1996 and I. But I just shook it off thinking it was a dream when I landed my friend Calum picked me up with his friend and I realized it was Hemmo1996 and he hugged me and told me he missed me?wow. I hugged back and got my bags and got in Cal's car beside Luke. I got to admit he is pretty hot when we arrived to Cal and Luke and another friends house Luke said I could bunk with him so I did and his room was nice I put my bags in his room and laid down  and fell asleep.


A/N: Hope you guys liked the first chapter of this book


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