Boys Talk Boys (L.H. & M.C.)

Michael moves to town and goes to Luke's school but what Michael doesn't know is Luke is his ex from a long time ago Michael had Amnesia and Luke wrote a song and Michael falls in love again


4. Luke's POV


LUKE STOP" I could hear my brother Ben yell but it was too late we crashed and he died and I cried and it never stopped


I got up and put on a Ripped Skinny Jeans and Black vans and put an open flannel on no t shirt and went downstairs and ate the left over waffles and I realised everyone was in the pool so I went out and sat in a chair and scrolled through fan pages on insta and told them they get to go on the next tour with us but it was only two guys so hopefully one of us hooks up with one. Michael interrupted my thoughts by hugging me and I smiled and kissed him 

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