Rayne: seven voices

Rose Rey Rayne is a girl born in the middle of tragedy. Not only does she have the worst luck ever but she is also a twin of two boys. She is the middle child of triplets. But on the day they were born a horrific accident happened that caused her to be separated from her family. But that's not the saddest part, not only does she not remember who she truly is or what really happened that day. She doesn't know what she really is actually. Because She has now in the present all grown up with a different name called Dayna Rave. Is that she has seven characters in her mind. She has a personality disorder and they all have names like Alina Del Rey, Rin, Adam, Cherry, Vivi, Ron and Low Haire.


1. Mental Adam

"Okay  Dayna that's all for today,"said Mr. Rave.

"Dad, do you know where Lina is? I tried to get a hold of her and she won't pick up,"said Dayna getting worried. (turns to dad and see his twitching eye)

"Or she ran away didn't she? Uh, she went to the pub again right?"asked Dayna suspecting her dad of lying.

"Okay, she called me earlier saying that she was finally gonna be a rock star,"said Mr. Rave.

"Dad! again oh my god you know what she is doing is dangerous and she's only sixteen years old people can take advantage of her,"said Dayna getting worried.(that rascal rocker girl wait till these hands touch you, they will end you thought Dayna while cracking her fist with a scary look.

"Look calm down Dayna she's a kid who want's to have fun and live her dream,"said Mr. Rave calm.

"See with this attitude here is the reason why she's such a troublemaker,"said Dayna really mad.

"I'm leaving and when I get back don't be surprised if your second daughter came back with bruises okay,"said Dayna leaving the coffee shop.

"Be careful!"shouted Mr. Rave calmly leaving the room and up into the stairs.

8:00 pm at night meanwhile in the Star Black Pub

"Hey there beauty where you came from the heavens,"said a jerk dude and his buddies spurted into laughter.

"Oh yeah, I did come right in your anal asshole,"said Lina scarcely turns around and keeps on drinking.

"Hey you twat don't you ignore me,"said the man really pissed off and pulling at Lina's hair.

"Hey! you left go of my sister please,"said Dayna rushing in just in time.

"Oh this twat brought another twat with her, you come here,"said the man pointing at her to come forward. (Dayna walks in front of him.)

"You girls, need a beating for being annoying twats,"said the man with a selfish grin.

Lina is so drunk and is so shocked to see the old man threatening Dayna.

"You will go first since you came in and interrupted me,"said the man ending the sentence by slapping Dayna on the face.

Lina backs away she knows what's coming.

Dayna on the ground with all her hair covering her face. She gets up and ties her hair into a ponytail and puts on a jacket she found on the ground. Then looks up at the man with a scary fierce face.

"You shouldn't have done that,"said Dayna with a deep voice like a whole different person with her foot on a chair.

"Go! Adam beat their asses"screamed Lina cheering.

"Adam?"asked the man confused because she's clearly a girl.

"Guys attack!"shouted the man all the men in the club stop got up from their chairs and attacked her.

Dayna kicks the chair hitting two men fiercely kicking their chest in and punching them with skills.

The man mumbled how can this woman be so strong.

Dayna makes a run for it over to the drunk Lina and pulls her hand and out of the pub running. (there were too many of them thought Dayna)

On the way home, Dayna had Lina on her back carrying her.

"Hey Adam kick somebody else's ass,"said Lina moving her hands like if she was in a karate fight.

"Stop moving younger sister your gonna fall said,"Dayna tilting her forward.

"I love you brother,"said Lina ending the sentence with throw up all over Dayna's hair.

"Damn it! Lina! gross!"said Dayna trying to wipe off the puke on her head.

Finally getting home 9:50 pm

"Oh you're here,"said Mr. Rave smiling.

"Sir, sister did it again,"said Dayna.

"It's okay Adam just put her in her room oh and goodnight son,"said Mr. Rave.

"Goodnight dad,"said Dayna going back to her room to sleep.

Guys, I bet in this point you must be really confused. Sorry to say I've been cursed nah just kidding. Okay, my name is Dayna Rave and dad told me I was adopted along time ago. And as you can see we sometimes have family problems. Earlier you met my little sister Lina Rave a teenager who thinks she can take on the world however she likes. And me I am nineteen and I work with dad in the shop but there's one problem with me I am not a normal girl inside of me there are seven personalities.

That pop out whenever they feel like it. And I hate it because it makes me feel like a monster as you can see earlier you met Adam he is a twenty-five-year-old and he is crazy violent for justice it's a very scary life I can't speak or be friends with hardly anybody or else I would be called a monster.

The only people who know about my personalities are dad, Lina and my only friend in the whole world is Saryn Delfi she accepted my crazy self she also keeps me from danger some of my personalities are dangerous. They only come out if I have horrible feelings about myself or physical touch like earlier when the bastard man slapped me in the face he woke up up Adam. But this is me and my seven voices.


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