Rewriting the Greats Entry: Sonnet 29

For the 'Rewriting the Greats' poetry competition, I decided to try spoken word again, as it went down pretty well last time! A modern language adaption of Shakespeare's 'Sonnet 29'.


2. Paraphrased/Translated Version

Paraphrased Sonnet 29 by Pikachunicorn:

"Sometimes everything is wrong.
Sometimes I lose my grip on everything I remember as important. Sometimes I struggle.
And at these times people turn from me, run from me, ignore me.
I lock myself up in my head and curse my own thoughts, my own actions. Curse myself for making me into some sort of outcast.
I cry alone, wishing I could be him - the other man. Wishing I could have his stunning looks, wishing I could befriend his friends. Wishing I could be as skillful as him. Wishing I could be as wise, as intelligent as him.
Yet... As I think all this. As I reach the brink of hating myself - I think of you, and suddenly everything changes. I hear the birds singing, as if they sing for us. I feel calm and content.

You ease my hurt.
Because when I think of you I realise
- I wouldn't swap my life with anyone.
Because being with you makes me more powerful than any army can make any king.

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