I Always Fall For You 2



13. ...

I elbow Ashton in the arm. He stands up and walks over to her. He says "Mom, I need to tell you something and I don't really know how you are going to take it." "She stands up from the couch and starts to fix a glass of water, she looks at me and then Ash and says "Stevie's pregnant." Me and Ash look at each other very confused. "How.." "Me and your father heard you talking last night." "Oh." I say still confused. Me and Ash finish our homework and start to pack for the last day of school. 

The last day goes by relatively slow. Everyone hugging and saying goodbye. Well not everyone. A few people looked so mad that school was over and we had to grow up. Others overly happy. Then me and Ash, feeling like we need to tell people but not knowing how. So we don't. We go through the day and act like nothing is going on. The bell rings and high school is over. Its time to set out on your own. Time to grow up.

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