I Always Fall For You 2


7. The Night

I turn around and he is looking at me. I put my arms around his waist and walk closer. No space between us. He leans down and kisses me. then he goes on one knee. "Stevie I asked you years ago if you would marry me someday and you said yes. Has someday come?" He opens the box and this time it is a ring. I am tearing up and my hands are cupped over my mouth. I nod then he stands up and takes my hand and places the ring on my finger. He picks me up and kisses me. When he puts me down I hug him for a solid 5 min. He leans over to pick me up. He carries me over to the hammock. He lays me down on it and then lays down beside me. His lips so close to my ear I could almost feel them then he says "Stevie, I've known you were the one since I sat behind you in Chemistry the first day of high school. Now you are mine." I lean up and whisper in his ear "I love you, and you are now mine forever." He rolls over on top of me and kisses me. Once, Twice, Thirdly. Then he says "I love you." We lay on the hammock talking all night. I am getting cold so Ash walks inside to get a blanket. When I wake up Ashton is running his fingers through my hair. It is almost sunrise and we are still outside on the hammock. When he realizes I am awake he leans in and kisses me. I lean in and kiss him. I burry my head back into his chest while he wraps his arms around me. When I wake up for the second time and it is about 10, Ashton is still there with his arms wrapped around me. We stand up and look over the balcony. The rest of the team and squad are out on the beach. We walk inside and there it is.

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