I Always Fall For You 2



3. The Game

We are in our uniforms with our backs turned to the crowd. I see Ash on the field, number 32. He looks at me before the play starts and smiles I smile back. The play starts which means that it is cheer time. We start doing our offense cheer. At the end of it we all get in out stunt groups and do an extention cradle. We walk over to each other. Backspots hands are on my waist. We are in the prep, going into the extention. We are up I am looking at my spot behind the crowd. I hear the faint sound of the backspots counting for the cradle, then my left foot falls, I fall. My ankle hurts I tear up I hold my ankle and the couch helps me stand. I cant I fall back down. They call an ambulance. Ashton runs over to me and says "Stevie are you ok?" "Yea, just hurts really bad." "No your not you are about to cry." I start to cry, Ashton looks at all of the cheerleaders and sees Karson doing that smerk again. Ashton walks over to her and says "Why would you do this to her she did nothing to you." He has his hands on her arms as tight as he can. She says "Ash your holding pretty tight and its kind of intimidating." He lets go and walks back over to me. He takes my hand and hops on the ambulance. We got to the ER and they said I broke my ankle. I had to wear a boot for the next 3 weeks. I had to use crutches and I did not know how to work them so when we went back to Ashton's house he carried me up the steps onto the porch. He got my crutches out of the car. I walked into the house and his parents walked/ran over to me and started to ask all of these questions. Ash came up and said "The new girl Karson dropped her from an extention and she landed on her ankle. They rushed her to the ER and she has to wear that boot for the next 3 weeks." "Poor girl." We walk into Ashton's bedroom and he  take out a t-shirt and shorts. I don't sleep that night I lay in bed awake.

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