I Always Fall For You 2


10. that night

Me and Tyera walk out and sit at a booth. Ashton walks over and I look up at him. He leans over and kisses me. Then him and Michael sit down. Tyera looks over at me and then at Michael. Michael whispers something in her ear and she shakes her head while lighting up. I feel Ashton's hand brush up against mine, I grab it. The rest of the people walk in and Michael gets up and shows them the tables we have reserved. Me and Ash share a fajita plate, Tyera and Michael get tacos, they love tacos. When Michael goes and pays for Tyera and him, she says "Stevie when we get back to the house follow me." "I say ok." Me and Ash walk over to pay for us when Michael comes back for Tyera. He pays and we walk. He puts his arm my shoulders, I put mine around his waist. Tyera and Mikey are making out at the car. He opens the door and I get in. We drive back to the house. I kiss Ash on the cheek and follow Tyera inside. We go to her room and sit on the couch in her room. She says "Stevie I'm sorry I wasn't there when the whole or deal with Karson but I'm her now." I say "I'm fine and I'm glade your here." I hug her and walk back to my room. I walk in and Mikey is at the door. He winks at Ash and walks out. I walk over to him laugh then kiss him and say "What was that about, you know wait I don't want to know." He laughs kisses me and says "Good decision babe." I take off my dress and put on my ripped American Eagle shorts and an oversized Forever 21 sweatshirt. Ash is wearing a Calum, Stefanie, Jacob, Karson, Weston, Blake, Hunter, Brandon, etc. I don't see Tyera and Michael, I scan the crowd one more time then look back at the house. I see them they walk down to me and Ash. We walk down the beach and start to collect wood and brush. Me and Ash are flirting like crazy. I playful punch him on the shoulder and he picks me up. I hope down and jump on his back. He carries me back up the beach and runs into the water when we get in front of the house. The rest of the people drop the wood and brush then run into the water. He picks me up and kisses me. We get out after about 30 min. then we start a fire and talk about how great the year was. When the fire burns out we go inside and start playing card games like Rummy, Crazy Eights, 5 Card Poker, etc. Ash gets up and walks out for15 min at a time a couple times. Ash comes in and takes us back to our room. He opens the door and there it is.

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