I Always Fall For You 2


6. talk

Ashton runs inside. He grabs a blanket of the couch and heads outside. He walks down toward the beach. I turn and he is there. He wraps the blanket around me. I look up at him, he can tell I have been crying. He sits down beside me and we wrap up in the blanket. I look at him and say "I'm sorry." "Its not your fault I should have told you when I got home that night. I just want us to be ok again." "He puts his arm around me and I place my head on his shoulder. He kisses me on the forehead and then lays his head on mine. We stay there for about an hour. He stands up and pulls me up with him. He leans down like he is about to kiss me but then throws me over his shoulder. We laugh while I  don't even try to make him put me down. Every other time I tried it was useless. He runs into the water and dunks both of us. I come up and run my hands over my hair to get it out of my face. He puts his hands on both sides of my face. He leans in and kisses me. Once, twice, and again. His hands move from my face to my waist. He pulls me closer. He leans in again but then picks me up and throws me in the water. When I come up he is gone. Then I feel something brush up against my leg. he pops up behind me and nearly gives me a heart attack. I jump and he turns me around. He leans down and whispers in my ear "Sorry baby I didn't mean to scare you." Then a kiss on the cheek, neck, back up to the cheek, then the space is sealed. We get out of the water and walk back into the house. The next day went by slow. I mainly stayed inside. Ashton disappeared for a few hours but I thought he was just at the pool. Later that night Ashton walks in. I am still wearing my ripped American Eagle shorts and a muscle tee tank. He turns me around to wear I am in front of him and says close your eyes. I do it. He puts his hands over my eyes. We are walking and he says where here. His large warm hands slip away. I open my eyes and it is beautiful. He has hung up a hammock and all around the porch there are lights hanging. There are candles all around the balcony. 

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