I Always Fall For You 2


11. suprise...

It was beautiful. Rose petals everywhere and candles on the table. I say "Ash this is beautiful." He leans in and kisses me. We lay on the bed talking. Then he rolls on top of me and kisses me. Then He sits up and takes his shirt off. I feel his hands slip up my body. My shirt is off. I wake up before Ash does. I'm thinking then he rolls over and puts his arm around me. He kisses my cheek and says "Good Morning," in his hot morning voice. I roll over and say "Good Morning." with a smile. He gets up and puts a shirt on. Still laying in bed I ask him "What is todays date?" "The..." he turns his phone on "13." "ok." I get up and get dressed. We are leaving that afternoon. I walk up to Tyera in the kitchen. I pull he away to a private place. "Its the 13." "Yea?" "its the 13, I'm 2 weeks late." "Stevie!" "When we get back I need you to come with me, I'm going to take a test." "Ok." We walk over and eat. Then we pack. Now we leave. I fall asleep on Ash's shoulder  We pull into his driveway and I wake up. I call Tyera while I get the suit case out of the back. I wait for her to pull in the driveway then kiss Ash bye. He says "Where you going?" "Tell you when I get back." He waves and then walks inside laughing. We pull up to the hospital and then walk in. I tell the girl at the table I want to know if I'm pregnant. She gets a doctor that takes me back and test me. I am sitting on the table thing in the room and Tyera is in a chair. The doctor comes in and hands me the paper. Its positive. I'm pregnant. I look at Tyera, she says "Positive or Negative." I smile. She says "Is that good or bad?" I say "I don't know lets wait and see Ashton's reaction." She drops me off and I start walking to the door. Ashton walks out and says where have you been. I laugh and say "Well with Tyera" He puts his arm around me and we walk inside. I look at Ashton and he can tell I have to tell him something. He says "What?" I take his hand and take us to our room. I sit him down on the bed and say "I need to tell you something, but I don't know how to tell you."  I start to pace. I stop in front of him and say "I'm pregnant." "What?" "I'm pregnant."

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