I Always Fall For You 2


5. Seniors Week

Ok its seniors week finally. We all went to Ash's beach house. Me and Ash stayed in the same room we did on spring break. (I have the boot off) Ashton started to kiss me, I jumped on him. He lays down on the bed and kisses me. He leans over with  smile and says "Are we really going to do this?" I laugh amongst kisses and nod. The door opens and it is Karson and Ash's friend Weston. (Karson and Weston started dating last week.) They say we are all going for a walk on the beach in 5 min. so ya... they close the door and walk out. We look at each other and laugh. He kisses me one more time and stands up He extends his hand and I take it. We walk out. The rest of the football team and the other cheerleaders are outside waiting. We laugh and walk to the beach. Weston leans over to Ash and says "get it man." Ashton playfully punches his arm and puts arm around me. When we walk back me and Ash turn on the TV. Ash is looking at me and I could tell something was wrong. He looks at me and says "Stevie I need to tell you something and I need you to listen." "Ok, Ash you are scaring me a little." "Ok so the game after you broke your ankle and had to stay at home Karson came up to me, she kissed me and I kissed her back." "Why would you do that, you say that you love me and then do that." I get up and walk out. My mind is set on finding Karson. I find her and said "You kissed my boyfriend!!!" "Yea I cant believe it took him this long to tell you, and I know why you stay with him after that kiss I would too." I couldn't hold back I slapped her across the face. At this point there was a crowd of people around and I took one of the football players cups and throw it on her. She took another and throw it on me. Ashton grabs my arm and turns me around he says "I know your mad but don't take it out on her." "WHY ARE YOU DEFINDING HER?" "Stevie come back." Now I was storming off toward the beach. I sit down at shore burry my head in my hands. I start to cry.

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