I Always Fall For You 2


4. Next Day

I walk into first period and Karson is not there. Ashton walks up to the teacher and says that Karson was distracting him so he switched seats with the girl beside me. Karson walks in and looks at us. She is gives him the look as if she wanted to say why did you move. Ashton does his cute smile and waves she rolls her eyes and walks to her seat. Later that day at lunch Karson comes up to me and Ash and sits down. I stare at her and Ash to cuss her out. He was really mad that she just moved out of the way and let me brake my ankle. I touched his arm and he looked at me. He knows what I am thinking. As much as I don't like her it was not right for him to sit there and cuss her out. She gets up and walks to another table. Ash says "Why did you stop me she did it on purpose and I don't want her to hurt my baby anymore." "Ash I know you love me and I love you but I don't want you to do anything that would make her go to the principles and get us suspended." "I wouldn't do that to us."

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