I Always Fall For You 2


2. New Girl

It is the first day of senior year. Me and Ash have every class together for the first time since freshman year. We walk into first period and like usual there are a couple new students. I look over and see one eyeing Ashton. I sit on one side of the room and Ashton sits on the other with her. I didn't like the way she was eyeing him when we walked in and now he sits beside her. She has red hair, taller than me but shorter than Ashton. When we go around and state our names Ashton says "Ashton" then she says "Karson." Everyone that has been at our school knows me and Ashton are together and they know that no one will be able to come between us. No one has tried but I can tell that this girl, Karson, is going to try to get as close as she can to him. The bell rings and Karson turns around to Ash and says "Hey I'm having a little trouble in this class and since I am new and it is kind of clear you are not could we maybe get together and study?" "Karson that is the exact line I used on my girlfriend the first day of high school, so no sorry." "Ok." Ashton walks over to me and kisses me on the cheek and we walk out of class. Karson is standing there scheming a plan to get Ash. At practice we have the new people come in today. I see Karson walking across the field and I give her a glare. She gives me a jerky crooked smile. The couch called us over and said that since I am the captain I have to welcome Karson to the team. I say ok and turn around to walk back to stretch while rolling my eyes. We practice stunts, Stefanie is my backspot, Logan is my frontspot, Hailey and Karson are my bases. I am the flyer and a am very lenient about Karson being my base. We practice preps all fine. We practice extentions all fine. Baskets, Cradle, Extention Cradle, all fine. I guess I underestimated Karson. I will give her a chance at tomorrow's game.

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