I Always Fall For You 2


9. last day

It was the last day of seniors week. We were all going to go out to eat and take a walk on the beach later that night. Then we were going to start a bonfire. I am in the room getting ready. My dress on the bed. Wearing a t-shirt and sweats. My makeup is done and I let my hair down. The door opens, it is Ashton. I am curling my hair. He wraps his arms around my waist, and places his head on my shoulder. I turn my head and kiss him on the cheek. He walks over to his suit case and takes his shirt off. looking in the mirror I say "Damn." He walks over to me and kisses me on cheek then whispers in my ear "Admit it I'm sexy." I look at him with a as if look on my face, he rounds the corner. I peek my head to were he can see me and say "Ok maybe a little." He laughs and starts to dig through his bag. I finish curling my hair and walk in the room to put my dress on. It is a cream color lace dress that stops mid thigh. Spaghetti strap and has a brown belt. Ashton is wearing a button up and kaki pants. We  walk out holding hands. Karson and Weston are sitting on the couch. Tyera and Michael are in the kitchen. Me and Ash walk over to them. I get a cup and open the Dr. Pepper. Tyera is asking if me and her can sit together at the restaurant. I say yes and we walk out to the car. Tyera, Michael, Ash, and I are wanting to get to the restaurant early and reserve seats. I sit in shot gun and Ash drives. Tyera and Michael are in the back seat. When we pull up I twist back and tell Tyera  to follow me when we walk in. She says ok and we all get out. I walk to the bathroom and Tyera follows. I turn around and tell her "I'm sorry I sould have been a better friend to you and I am sorry." "Stevie its ok when I met Michael I wanted to spend every moment with him. I understand and I am sorry for trying to make you choose." We hug and walk out to be with Michael and Ashton.

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