My bad boy



3. The Gang

Today I woke up in a great mood but I wasn't in my room that kind of worried me.I got up and I was in a big shirt that wasn't mine.I walk out the door way and heard a sexy voice.Hey Amber did u have fun last night? I just went with it. Yes I did. I turned Around and it hit me I remembered the ways he touched me the way he looks at me that no other guy has. So I jumped in his arms and kissed him on the neck and said I had a night in haven last night.Oh you did he said and smiled .yep.Oh sexy I want u to meet the gang today so dress nice Chris said then walked out the door.

He told me to wear something nice so I had to go home and get something I ran down stair I yelled to Chris that I will be back then I drove home

When I got home I ran up stair took a shower then went to my closet and I looked for something.Bam my dress that is black at the top then goes to red and it has a slit and it shows my leg then I got my black heels and but make up on and did my hair.then I ran down stairs and wrote a note for my mom


I got in my car a went to Chris's.

When I knocked on the door Chris came to the door without a shirt on Sexy u don't gotta knock.

He gave me a nickname sexy😍

I walked in and said just to let u know I'm stayin for a couple of days

Ok sexy stay as long as u want

When am I going to meet the gang?

Oh there on there way u better get ready sexy

Oh shit I ran upstairs taking off my clothes one by one Chris yells do u need help we start laughing. I get to Chris's room and put my dress and high heels on I walk down stairs and I see Chris standing there with his mouth open I go to him and say u will get it later.he can't stop lookin there here.who Chris says.the gang. He opens the door and a bunch of guys come in and hug him then they she me and one guy asks Chris if he got a maid I look at Chris and squint at him and he says way to go guys u pissed my girl off as there here girl they all say ohhhh and they all say hi except for Seth I whisper to Chris to ask him what's up his ass and he tells me he's the one that doesn't like people I walk over to Seth and say hi my name is amber and tell him if he ever wants to smoke weed or anything come to me . Seth looks at me and smiles then walk off outside

We all ate dinner and watched a movie and got to know each other.

That night me and Chris cuddled each other

Hey guy I hope u like it but I still think I sucks

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