The Road Trip

when fellow and colleagues youtube stars Andrea Russett, Kian Lawley, Jc Caylen, Jenn McAllister and Dominic DeAngelis head on a road trip to vidcon things get bumpy and it is not the road. when they find themselves lost with no reception or gas in a what seems to be a deserted corn field they find out that they are not alone and things aren't getting prettier. It looks like vidcon is starting without them this year.
***note: this story is totally fictitious and i mean no hate towards these youtube stars.***
***note2: story totally inspired by outlast 2.***


9. We are not alone

-“JC look we have to chill, ok? I mean don’t you think we are out of our minds too? But if they are really people out there do you really think it is a good idea to be out there” Andrea says


-“Andrea is right! The last thing we have to do is leave the RV, if they come back they better off find us here” Jenn says


-“then you guys stay, I will go look”


-“you alone? Hell no, not even by a chance” Andrea says


A thud is heard on top of the RV


-“what was that?” Andrea asked


They hear footsteps. As if someone was walking on top of the RV.


-“is there by any chance a gun in the compartment?” JC asks almost whispering and looking up with the footsteps


-“no” Jenn says looking up also at the footsteps


The footsteps stop exactly on top of the emergency exit. After 30 seconds of silence, smashes are heard on top as if someone was trying to break the emergency exit from outside.


-“shit, shit, shit! I think he is trying to break in from the top!” JC says


-“now what?” Andrea said nervous


-“we got to run! We got to get out of here!” JC says


-“are you crazy? Have you lost your mind?” Jenn says


-“he is going to break in here…who ever that is!” JC says


-“what if it is just a bear?” Jenn says


-“do you want to be here even if it is a bear?” Andrea said


-“look I am not a runner” Jenn says


-“don’t worry! We will be right behind you, I promise” JC says


Smashes continue.


-“we leave now!” Andrea says


Jenn grabs her camera and turns on the night vision.


-“ready?” JC says


-“yeah” Jenn says nervously


-“we don’t stop no matter what!” Andrea says


Andrea, Jenn and JC all breathing heavily.


-“go!” JC says opening the door


Jenn is the first to run out, then Andrea and then JC. They all run and find themselves in a corn field.


-“don’t stop guys!” JC screams as he moves corn plants


JC then stops.


-“ok guys I think we lost them” JC says catching his breath


Doesn’t get a response.


-“Jenn? Andrea? … Guys?” JC says looking around lost in the corn field

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