The Road Trip

when fellow and colleagues youtube stars Andrea Russett, Kian Lawley, Jc Caylen, Jenn McAllister and Dominic DeAngelis head on a road trip to vidcon things get bumpy and it is not the road. when they find themselves lost with no reception or gas in a what seems to be a deserted corn field they find out that they are not alone and things aren't getting prettier. It looks like vidcon is starting without them this year.
***note: this story is totally fictitious and i mean no hate towards these youtube stars.***
***note2: story totally inspired by outlast 2.***


11. The White Ligh

[JC on the other side of the gate]


He slowly starts walking back. He turns around and sees wooden cabins. He walks towards them looks through the window of one and sees a lighted candle on top of a table next to a picture he can’t distinguish what the picture is but does not see anyone inside. He heads to the door but finds it locked. He heads to another house and looks inside and the same the candle and picture, but this picture was hanging on the wall on top of the candle. JC notices that the door is cracked open. He opens the door slowly. The door makes creaking noises as he opens it. He makes it inside and looks around. He looks at the picture, notices that on the bottom the frame has something written but is covered by dust. He wipes the dust with his hand off.


“Papa Knoth”


-“papa knoth?” JC reads confused –“who the hell is…papa knoth?”


[Dom wakes up alerted in the woods]


Dom starts looking at his surroundings nervous.


-“wait, wait…wasn’t I just in a school?”


Dom hears footsteps. Get up quickly.


-“fuck” Dom says and hides in the darkness


Dom sees a light coming from a candle and a woman passes by without noticing Dom in the darkness chanting:


-“The devils of past religions have always, at least in part, had animal characteristics, evidence of man's constant need to deny that he too is an animal, for to do so would serve a mighty blow to his impoverished ego.”


Dom just stays confused on the floor.


[Kian still throwing up]


-“what the fuck? Where the fuck are we?”


Kian hears a giggle behind him of a little girl. Kian turns around and sees a little girl standing there.


-“hey…” Kian says confused –“what…what are you doing here?” Kian asked confused


The girl just stares at Kian not saying a word.


-“hey? Can you hear me?” Kian says in a soft voice getting closer


The girl does not answer.


-“hey!” Kian says


The girl screams in a high pitch voice. Kian covers his ears ad closes his eyes. The scream slowly fades away. Kian opens his eyes but the girl has disappeared. Kian looks around.


-“what the hell is going on here?” Kian says still looking around


[JC looks around the house]


Finds a flash light. But does not turn on. JC notices that it is missing batteries.


-“fuck…” says as looks around for a battery


Hears footsteps and someone breathing heavily. JC immediately hides under a table.


Someone enters the room and stares at the portrait as he breathes heavily.


-“never turn your back on papa knoth!, never turn your back on papa knoth!, never turn your back on papa knoth!” the man then grabs a machete from the table on top of JC and runs out.


JC slowly crawls out from under the table.


-“we…we got to get the fuck out of here” JC says panicking


JC runs out of the door and is stroke by a beam of light. Everything goes white


[Dom in the woods]


He stops to see a sign on a piece of wood with some blood over it “heretic woods”


-“heretic woods? Heretic?” Dom says confused –“heretics?”


Dom then hears running footsteps approaching from behind him. He starts running. He stops and looks forward at a light beaming through the trees. He blocks his eyes with his right arm. Everything goes white.


[Kian walking]


Hears a very low mumble of a women with a raspy voice.


“How precious to me are Your thoughts, O God! How vast is the sum of them.” The women says in a low voice as if she was praying


-“hello?” Kian says walking up to her


As Kian walks sees the silhouette of very tall women


-“In the 1971 year of Christ, in the 11th month on the dawn of the twenty sixth day *Kian: hello?* I was a prisoner of the usuries, a cobbler in the land of Al-Barquq, the mountain of the apricot tree called Albuquerque” the women seems to be praying


-“hey lady!” Kian says


The women turns around Kian notices a lanky middle-aged woman with light blue eyes, a gaunt inflection, pasty skin, black stringy hair, and black robes draped on her like rags holding crudely made pickaxe with a spiked pommel with a rosary wrapped around it and a glowing, fiery orange incense burner at the top of the weapon.


Kian steps back at her terrifying appearance. The lady just stands there looking directly at Kian


-“And what shall I say to him lord?” she askes herself


Kian starts moving his foot back to make a run for it


-“Yes, Lord, I shall, like a pig!” she says lifting her pickaxe over her head and then screams


Kian turns and runs while the women chases him. Kian crawls under a space under a fenced gate and makes it to the other side. The women stands there looking at Kian from the other side.


-“God loves you” she says and walks away


-“crazy ass bitch, what the fuck?” Kian says and turns around being blind by a bright light

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